The exhibition area disposes of treated extensive external areas. The main part of them is used as parking lots that are accessible via car entrance from the Viedenská road. Individual parking sectors are placed near Expo Arena, in front of the main entrance to A hall, near D hall, on the terraces around B and D halls and around Expo Arena.   

Incheba Expo Bratislava is enhanced by wide green areas which parts are used during the summer season as Incheba Summer Club. Sand, a swimming pool, a playground, a cafeteria with refreshment offerings, sport playgrounds and areas dedicated to relax and sun bathing lure many people from Bratislava during the hot summer days.  

The outdoor spaces are suitable for any kind of event. Due to its vastness, the external areas are ideal for organizing various kinds of sport events.



External area suitable for organizing open air concerts and cultural and sport events.

Plan of premises:
Open air. (jpg)

2. Other Usable Areas

The areas on the Incheba grounds are suitable for various business, sport and music events just like other outdoor activities that are characteristic with its high attendance.

Space Area m2 Concerts / Congress / Sport Events   Balls / Evening Parties / Banquets
Capacity   Capacity
Stands Cinema seats Seats + stands School Seats Stands Seats Combination
Open Air 9700 15000 tribúna 2200 10200 - - - -
plocha 40
Other usable areas 35000 - - - - - - -