Incheba Expo Bratislava

Rules for visitors

Incheba, Inc., Viedenská cesta 3-7, 851 01 Bratislava, ID: 00211087 (hereinafter referred to as „Incheba“)

RULES FOR VISITORS in the Incheba premises

These rules are obligatory for all persons entering the grounds of Incheba.

  1. By purchasing the ticket and / or submitting an invitation when entering the premises and / or by entering the premises, each visitor thus expresses consent with conditions stated in these rules; by the very moment of entering the premises these rules become obligatory for each visitor during their whole stay in the premises. For the purpose of these rules, by visitor and / or public we mean every person that enters the premises of Incheba, including media representatives.
  2. In order to protect property, each visitor is required to manipulate gently with facilities, equipment and property in the Incheba premises. In case of damage to facilities, equipment and property, the visitor is obliged to pay the damages in full to Incheba.
  3. Entry into the premises entitles visitor to visit exhibitions and fairs or attend events.
  4. The entry is of one-time character and the voucher (ticket, invitation) is valid for one entry during one day.
  5. When purchasing the ticket, the visitor will not receive a tax receipt from ECR (electronic cash register) or VCR (virtual cash register), seeing that the very ticket is also a tax receipt and during sale of tickets (valuables) under § 3 par. 2 letter a) of the first point of the Act no. 289/2008 Coll. of Laws as amended the company is not obliged to record a revenue in ECR or VCR.
  6. Visitor is obliged to adhere to and obey oral and written orders, restrictions, information and warnings announced via security boards.
  7. Visitor is obliged to follow the instructions of security service and refrain from any activity that disturbs public order or peaceful conduct of exhibitions, fairs and events.
  8. For legitimate interests of the organizer, the visitor is obliged to submit their identity document for the purpose of identification, parking card or entry permit for control at entry and exit upon request from the security service.
  9. The visitor is obliged to enable the security service to check their personal luggage upon request.
  10. Visitors are not allowed:
  • run promotional activities (give out advertising brochures, leaflets, promotional items, take pictures and film for the purpose of earnings, conduct surveys and other similar activities) without approval from Incheba
  • conduct business without approval from Incheba
  • promote violence, religious or racial intolerance
  • move outside the sidewalks and marked paths and enter the lawn areas
  • enter premises not intended for visitors
  • use bicycle, skateboard, roller skates, mini scooter, stilts and jumping boots without approval from Incheba
  • bring alcohol, narcotic and other toxic substances, arms and other dangerous objects, chemicals and chemical stuff and hygienically harmful substances, substances usable as an inflammatory agent and use means that may cause burns
  • smoke in areas other than those reserved for smoking; there is a strict smoking ban in exhibition halls and interior spaces
  • use fire-extinguishing means unreasonably – fire extinguishers, hydrants
  • stay in the premises after the exhibition, fair or event ended


  1. Visitor is obliged to behave in such way as not to cause a fire with their activities (e.g. obey the smoking ban, etc.) and is obliged to fulfil orders and obey the restrictions related to fire protection, especially at marked places.
  2. When a fire occurs, every person is obliged to extinguish the fire if the situation allows them to do so. The person is obliged to use fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. The person is obliged to report fire alarm: by shouting “Fire” or using the fire alarm button.
  3. In case of evacuation from threatened areas:
  • visitor is obliged to follow the orders of fire-fighting assistance patrol and commander of the object and in case of arrival of fire brigade unit to follow the orders of the incident commander
  • visitor is obliged to use only emergency exits for evacuation, that are intended for that purpose and are visibly marked
  1. When extraordinary events occur visitors are obliged to follow the instruction of the police, persons responsible for evacuation and organizational service.
  2. In case of injury visitor is obliged to contact the safety technician at +421 911 659 902 and exhibition service in person or at +421 2 6727 2691 to write a record of the accident.
  3. Incheba is not responsible for loss of objects that visitors bring, nor is Incheba responsible for damages to property or health of the visitors caused by their own acts or by acts of third persons in violation of the terms of these policies.
  4. Incheba reserves the right to prevent entry to the exhibition grounds to or to remove from the exhibition grounds every person who breaks these rules; such person is not entitled to ask for refund of the entry fee.

RULES FOR VISITORS arriving to the premises of Incheba by a motor vehicle

These rules are binding for all motor vehicle drivers.

  1. The parking lot is operated as paid and unguarded. Each driver is obliged to follow these rules.
  2. Motor vehicle drivers are obliged to follow the traffic signs in the premises of Incheba.
  3. Entry to and exit from the premises is only possible via entrance and exit gates.
  4. Driver is obliged to follow the instructions of the organizer and of the members of the security and organizing service.
  5. Parking of vehicles is permitted only in reserved parking spaces unless the organizing or security service decides otherwise.
  6. The owner of valid parking card on reserved parking space is obliged to put the parking card on a visible place behind the windscreen of the vehicle.
  7. Driver is obliged to always lock the vehicle.
  8. In case the vehicle is left outside the reserved parking space and at places where the vehicle prevents right operation and intervention in case of emergency or extraordinary situation or during fire, the vehicle will be pulled out of the premises.
  9. Incheba is not responsible for destruction, damage or theft of the vehicle or objects stored in it.
  10. After payment of the parking fee the parking in the premises is of one-time character only.
  11. Motor vehicles are obliged to leave the premises until the end of the operating hours. Penalty for violation of this rule is 200€ for 1 day.
  12. Night parking is only allowed with the permission of Incheba.
  13. Night parking without permission is charged. The fee must be paid by the driver in advance and the vehicle can be parked only at reserved parking space that is set by the organizing or security service.
  14. Entry to the exhibition halls with vehicles and parking in there is forbidden.
  15. Maximum allowed speed in the premises is 20 km/h.
  16. In case of damage the driver is obliged to inform the organizing or security service at the phone number +421 903 209 657 and inform the police at the phone number 112, or 158.



INFORMATION FOR VISITORS in the Incheba premises

  1. The organizer informs that monitoring of the Incheba premises by a camera system is carried out for the legitimate interests of the organizer for the purpose of protection of property and health in accordance with the Act no. 18/2018 Coll. of Laws on personal data protection. Records are kept for 15 days.
  2. The organizer informs that for the legitimate interests a visual documentation from the events taking place in Incheba is created for promotional purposes. Visitors will not be identified on the image recordings. In accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons and with the Act no. 18/2018 Coll. of Laws on personal data protection the visitor has the right to request deletion or restriction of processing of their personal data; to object to processing of their personal data; to initiate proceedings at the Office for Personal Data Protection of SR.

These rules and information take effect on 25th May 2018.