A unique presentation of defense technologies in Incheba: armoured vehicles, airship and popular dynamic demonstrations

IDEB, which will take place on August 25-27 in Incheba, Bratislava, offers a comprehensive international exhibition of defense technology. Great attention will be paid to cyber security, which is also one of the European Union’s priorities in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Military equipment; defense industry systems; communication, monitoring and antenna systems; drones; artillery ammunition including telescopic ammunition; armoured and robotic vehicles; firefighting technologies; equipment and armament of the armed forces, and other police and military products will be part of the international presentation of defense technology IDEB. Defense technology manufacturers and retailers from 17 countries – Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, South Korea, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the USA – will present their technologies and services in Incheba Expo Bratislava for three days.

IDEB is a unique platform not only for presentation, but also for establishing and strengthening business contacts at the domestic and international level. Thanks to participation at the fair, representatives of the Slovak defense industry have a chance to make their production visible and to intensify business activities not only at Slovakia but also in foreign markets. On the other hand, foreign companies have a unique opportunity to bring their activities closer to representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic, armed forces and other security forces in the important market of Central Europe. The professional guarantors of IDEB are the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic and the Security and Defence Industry Association of the Slovak Republic.

During the three days, IDEB will present several new products and interesting exhibits.

Lockheed Martin, which is also a partner of IDEB, will present the latest and most advanced F-16 Fighting Falcon jet through a simulator and a scale model. Zetor Engineering Slovakia brings to Incheba the first and second generation of armored tactical vehicles 4 × 4 Zetor Gerlach, which emphasizes the successful completion of life tests and increasing the temperature limit of vehicle operation. Tatra Defense Slovakia will present a 4×4 Patriot II vehicle and a robotic vehicle Agema; Tatra Trucks will show the Tatra Tactic 6×6 off-road truck. From the Czech Republic, Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE which is currently presenting itself mainly with its novelty, the L-39NG light jet aircraft, is also coming to IDEB. Patria Group will show the armoured combat vehicle AMVXp.

One of the new features of IDEB is also a new version of the unmanned airship SILWA 2.0 from Aliter Technologies. The airship provides unique opportunities for noiseless and long-term observation, including movement over densely built-up areas, and is thus an ideal means of dealing with civil and military crisis events.

IDEB also responds to the coronavirus pandemic with its focus. The portfolio of represented companies includes not only systems and technologies of the defense industry, but also, for example, high-performance germicidal radiators, disinfection systems or even a mobile disinfection belt robot with HD video signal transmission (Grizzly s.r.o.). A portfolio of cyber and network security solutions for government agencies and commercial customers is also represented at IDEB through the participating companies.

“Today, more than ever, the importance of mutual support and cooperation in the field of security is proving. A pandemic is one of the greatest challenges our society has faced in recent history, and topics such as cybersecurity, online space protection and privacy, will resonate more and more. I believe that IDEB will also contribute to the visibility and solution of these burning problems,” said Alexander Rozin Jr., the executive director of Incheba.

In addition to the technology show, dynamic demonstrations will traditionally be held, during which the force headquarters for special operations with new technology, such as quads or a helicopter, will be presented in Incheba. There will also be demonstrations of the intervention of the military police, which are traditionally a popular part of the program. A schedule of dynamic demonstrations will be available on the Incheba website.

On the first day, August 25, a seminar on the current possibilities of involving the defense industry of the Slovak Republic and other entities in EDA and NSPA initiatives will be held in Incheba. The seminar is organized by the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic and the Security and Defence Industry Association of the Slovak Republic.

IDEB will take place at the following times:

Wednesday 25.8.        9:00 – 18:00

Thursday 26.8             10:00 – 18:00

Friday 27.8.                 10:00 – 16:00

The admission fee is 20 EUR (15 EUR in case of online purchase). Visiting only the exterior exhibition is possible on Thursday, August 26, and on Friday, August 27, from 13:00. The admission fee in this case is 1 EUR.