The autumn fairs at Incheba postponed due to state of national emergency

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The fairs and exhibitions, which were to take place in Incheba Bratislava in the near future, are being postponed in context of the declaration of the state of emergency and other preventive and restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

With effect from October 1st, it is forbidden to organize mass events of a sporting, cultural, entertainment, social or other nature with more than 50 attendees at one time in Slovakia. If the number of people at cultural or sporting events acting on behalf of the organizer exceeds this number, the mass event can take place, but without the presence of the audience. Incheba is currently intensively evaluating all options for setting alternate dates for events, of which it will inform as soon as possible.

I believe that our exhibitors will understand the decision to postpone the fairs. For our part, we did everything we could to organize the event. However, at the same time, we have to respect and follow all the measures of the competent authorities, Alexander Rozin, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Incheba, said.

Incheba repeatedly and for a long time points out that trade fairs and exhibitions are far from mass events of an entertaining nature, such as concerts and festivals. On the contrary, their logistics is similar to shopping centers, where there is no control of the number of visitors, and so far, no one has limited their number in the interior. The fairs are highly professional and trade events that allow all hygienic measures to be observed as much as possible, including the social distancing between visitors. “In countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, the fairs have already been exempted and can be held. We would welcome it if the same step was taken in Slovakia, on the basis of which we could continue to prepare events, ” A. Rozin adds.

Current information on the postponement of the date applies to the Interbeauty, Esoterika, Biostyl, Moddom and Bratislava Collector’s Days fairs. Last week, based on a meeting with the Minister of Defense of the Slovak Republic, Incheba already announced the postponement of the IDEB trade fair to March 2021.