Incheba Expo Bratislava


Dear all,

Please accept my cordial invitation to the biggest travel festival in Slovakia, the Camera Slovakia – BUBO ball, bringing the best of the best in traveling to the “heart of Europe” for 26 years. Year after year we keep working hard to prepare the travel festival – any why? Because we love to kindle and develop the explorer soul in Slovak people. During previous years of its existence, our festival hosted guests of such names as Adela Vinczeová, Mikuláš Dzurinda, Boris Filan, František Kele, Ivan Mikloš, Jozef Banáš and many more. Its director is MUDr. Ľuboš Fellner, the only Slovak who travelled and explored all the countries of the world, stood on both poles and visited the birthplace of the three world religions – Mecca, Bethlehem and Lumpini. The audience consists of curious and well-informed people and high quality of the whole event is also proven by this year’s programme – exhibition of the best Slovak photographers and screenings from experienced people who have lots to say – and you have a great chance to meet them in person.

BUBO Ball is the biggest when it comes to the number of visitors and range of photographic exhibitions; it is visited by the biggest number of foreign visitors who come to Bratislava only because of the festival. The films will bring news and experience from regions of the whole world to the snowy Bratislava. BUBO develops Slovak travelling – thus we love to share our knowledge, and all information and advice for travelling we provide are for free.

The BUBO Ball takes place together with the fair of travel ITF Slovakiatour, fair of gastronomy Danubius Gastro and exhibitions Fishing and Leisure and Hunting and Leisure.

A single entry fee applies to all events.

Each visitor has a chance to win a flight ticket to any place in the world, an exclusive trilogy from Ľuboš Fellner or an annual pass to BUBO guides screenings.

More information and detailed programme can be found at the during January. You are all cordially invited!

The organizer of the BUBO Ball is CK BUBO.