ITF SLOVAKIATOUR provides a complete travel service portfolio

Press release of 21 January 2013
Number of exhibitors: 410
Exhibition space:
17,500 m²
Participating countries:
Austria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Jamaica, Montenegro, Namibia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, the USA
B0, B1, B middle, B2, Expo Arena

Package tours and holidays that are organized by the visitors on their own, skiing, package tours with wellness activities, cruises, hunts and bicycle trips - that is the complete travel portfolio for both skilled tourists and beginners brought to you by the 19th international tourism fair ITF SLOVAKIATOUR. It takes place in Incheba, Bratislava, from 24 to 27 January.  

Fifty travel agencies will provide the visitors with their lists of tours that should be booked in advance and for great prices; these will surely attract those who plan to travel abroad. There will also be tourist boards of various countries, providing some useful advices regarding travel visa requirements as well as suggestions on the manner of travelling, landmarks, accommodation options and so on. Many other business entities related to the field of tourism take part in this event; among other entities, there will be airline ticket sellers, travel insurance sellers and presentations of healthcare facilities that inform about compulsory and voluntary vaccination.  

The biggest travel agency in Slovakia – SATUR – has prepared a great range of tours from all over the world for the fair visitors. The agency offers not only some really attractive holidays with accommodation to relax and leisure and sightseeing holidays in exotic places for reasonable prices, but also some traditional backpack holidays in popular summer destinations. The travel agencies SOLVEX and Hechter will offer their visitors some great bargain too – holidays to be booked in advance, mainly in Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia and Greece. The VITKOVICE TOURS travel agency can offer the visitors a wide range of holidays with a hotel or apartment house lodging located at the Adriatic coast. Regarding its travel destinations, Orex Travel focuses mainly on the destinations that are popular among the Slovaks – on touristy places in Turkey and Egypt; of course, the agency has prepared some advance holidays as well. BUBO travel agency, which has become a traditional exhibitor at the ITF SLOVAKIATOUR fair, will provide holidays all over the world ranging from expeditions to holidays involving spending time on the beaches of exotic seas by doing nothing but relaxing. China Tours, the Czech travel agency, will surely impress you by the list of trips it offers – trips to the distant country that is China. The visitors might find the travel alternative that will be offered at the premises of the stand of PANGEO TOURS very interesting; this company is the biggest hotel-bus tour provider in the Czech Republic and it has a unique offer for the fair visitors, consisting of sightseeing as well as expedition trips to nearly every country in the world.  The fair ITF SLOVAKIATOUR allows its visitors to get to know the country of Slovakia perfectly. All the Slovak regions, many separate districts and spa towns will try to draw the attention of potential tourists. 

The partner region of this year’s fair is the Žilina Self-governing Region. The artists including gingerbread-bakers, iron weavers, fine art sculptors and manufacturers of traditional folk instruments will demonstrate their talent and skills during the displays, making them more interesting.

Along with the French city of Marseille, the Košice city is the European cultural metropolis of the year 2013. Thanks to the supporting project, the city of Košice has become the most rapidly developing city in Slovakia, a modern European metropolis and a place which is not only worth to live, work and present one’s creativity in, but it’s also a place that provides many attractions to its visitors. The Košice Self-governing Region with the city itself presents its program that is named “Terra Incognita” (unknown land), providing various experiences that can be acquired in the whole region. On Thursday at 9:10 at the press conference, the representatives of the Košice Self-governing Region will be providing more information on the events scheduled to take place in the city and the region in 2013.

Every year the town of Skalica prepares an interesting program for the visitors of the ITF Slovakiatour fair in order to acquaint the potential tourists with the beauties and landmarks located in the town as well as with attractions in its surroundings. The display of the town will be divided into three parts: the Landmarks of the Záhorie Region (Pamiatky Záhoria), Water Tourism (Vodná turistika) and Golf. The most engaging attractions and spots of the Senica and Malacky districts will be highlighted too.   

Camera Slovakia, a travel festival, is an event for all those who keep getting fascinated by our planet; it will complement the atmosphere of the fair program taking place at the weekend from 26 to 27 January. At this one place, it will make its visitors familiar with more than 150 countries of all the continents by means of books, beautiful photos and films. All the people who like to set out on a journey and wander from time to time, and like to share their experiences with other people, meet here at this event.    

 Wellness and Fitness

The fair that focuses on sport – Wellness and Fitness – is to be held at the same time as the tourism fair and will present novelties in the field of fitness equipment. It will be accompanied by numerous actions and events. The Sunday program, Fitness Day Incheba, will offer its visitors some demonstrations of arm wrestling, anti-gravity exercises, exhibitions of children doing fitness, and there will be also autograph signing events including several important people from the field of natural bodybuilding and fitness. Sunday will be dedicated to performances of sportspeople doing pole-dance fitness which lure the attention of many visitors. There will be demonstrations of professional badminton, functional trainings and other sport tricks at the badminton courts. The general public can take part in the competition for the strongest shot and greatest smash.              

Hunting and Leisure

The hunting exhibition will present display equipment and other material for huntsmen and for those who love spending their spare time in nature. The accompanying program includes demonstrations on how to lure deer and other animals, how to imitate sounds of birds and mammals, and there will also be a presentation of various hunting traditions. Those who are keen on venison meat will be given a chance to taste some in the hunters’ restaurant.