Bratislava Will Host Collectors from the Whole World

Thousands of interesting and precious pieces from the area of philately, deltiology, numismatics, phaleristics, minerals and small antiques will be presented at the international collectors fair that takes place on 3rd and 4th June 2016 in Incheba. Bratislava Collectors Days, the biggest collectors fair in Slovakia proves that collecting is still alive and cherishing even these days. The fair will host almost 180 exhibitors from 17 countries – even from distant India – which guarantees a rich and interesting offer.

The collections will once again include rare and unique pieces – one of them being the especially precious Celtic coin, so called hexadrachma Lattu. Interesting about this coin is the fact that although its origin is in Bratislava it was found in Germany. At the same time it is the only coin of its kind in the whole world. Its value is estimated at several ten thousand euro.

Another exclusive piece is a silver medal for the 275th anniversary of the coronation of Maria Theresa. The medal weights one kilogram and its author is a well-known Slovak artist Patrik Kovačovský; the medal was exclusively designed for National Treasury. It is issued in limited number – only 100 pieces for the whole world.

The Kremnica Mint will introduce coins and trading cards dedicated to the UEFA EURO 2016 in the presence of Slovak football legends Jozef Čapkovič, Ján Čapkovič and Ján Švehlík.

The fair will traditionally host the Slovak Post with Postal Museum and Children Post. Collectors will be offered Slovak postage stamps and philately objects and inauguration of postage stamp emission “Philately” with personalized coupon issued on the occasion of 90th anniversary of radio and 60th anniversary of television broadcast in Slovakia. Moreover, during both days of the fair at the Slovak Post stand there will be available a contingent postage stamp dedicated to the collectors fair. Children can look forward to christening of the children fairy tales book about little messenger pigeon Secret Message in the presence of its authors and to other fun and relaxing activities – postage memory game or a possibility to take a picture that will be a part of a huge postage stamp.

The collectors fair is also unique due to its professionalism. For example, the Slovak Numismatic Society will provide visitors with expertise in the fields of collecting activity regarding coins, paper money, medals, honours and orders, numismatic literature and collecting aids. Precious artefacts will be also brought by the numismatic auction. All those interested can also auction a medal of merit that was granted to the Gustáv Husák for his contribution to linking science to practice – this medal was granted by the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences as a first one ever in this field. Visitors that are interested in coins can mint one for themselves - specifically a replica of Poltura of Ferenc II. Rákoczi.

The collectors’ days will be also enhanced by the minerals section. Rough stones, components for jewellery making as well as precious jewels will surely catch the eye of collectors as well as visitors that are interested in precious and interesting present. Everyone who wants to delve into the secrets of precious stones can visit the lectures on asteroids and stories about famous gemstones or diamonds as we have never seen them before.

Bratislava Collectors Days in Incheba are opened on Friday 3rd June from 10:00h to 18:00h and on Saturday 4th June from 10:00h to 16:00h. One-day ticket costs 4€, two-day ticket costs 5€. Children and youth under 15 years are admitted free.

For more information please contact:

Martina Macková
M + 421 911 100 726
T  + 421 2 6727  3345