Press release of Biblioteka

The spirit of literature has once again returned to Incheba Bratislava. From 8th to 11th November the international Book Fair is going to offer a diverse display of books that contains presentation of titles from all genres and for all age categories. Together with the Book Fair, Pedagogy exhibition is taking place as well. The events are attended by 153 exhibitors from Brazil, Czech Republic, Croatia, Israel, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Swiss and Slovakia.


Those who look forward to the Book Fair every year will not be disappointed. The accompanying program is indeed boosting with big names from literature field. The fair will be opened on Thursday at 09:00 am by the most successful Slovak author Táňa Keleová – Vasilková who has achieved a glorious success in November – million sold copies. During the four days of the fair running, books will be signed by Ľubomír Feldek, Daniel Hevier, Juraj Šebo, Tamara Heribanová, Martin Pyco Rausch, Samko Tále, Andrea Coddington, Emma Tekelyová, Halina Pawlovská, Boris Filan, Gustáv Mirín, Ivo Toman and others. The exclusive host of the fair is Israeli author Meir Shalev, who will present his best-known book, the fascinating love story A Pigeon and a Boy, in the literary café.


Cooking belongs into the most popular hobbies – a fact that is also reflected in the huge interest in cookbooks. Their authors have shown the courage to actually present their recipe not only in books, but in reality as well. Within the podium named Tasteful Reading various great cooks will present their mastery – including the well known Jaroslav Žídek and Pavol Lipták. The traditional Christmas delicacies from all over Slovakia will be served by Zora Mintálová – Zubercová. We can also look forward to the African kitchen delicacies served by Helena Lhotová, who, in spite of her passion for food, has dropped unbelievable 60kg.


Various awards will be given within the international Book Fair. The honored Cena Bibliotéky (The Book Fair Prize) will be given to the best book in 2011 year written by female author. The judges Miroslava Vallová, Zuzana Belková, Daniel Kollár and chairman Dušan Dušek decided between titles from dozens of candidates (Gabriela Futová: Brata musíš poslúchať, Ľudmila Peterajová: Pamäti, Iva Kadlečíková: Čítanie myslenia, Eva Luka: Havranjel, Stanislava Repar: Tichožitia, Zuska Kepplová: Buchty švabachom, Lucia Piussi: Láska je sliepka, Veronika Šikulová: Miesta v sieti, Alta Vášová: Sfarbenia, Svetlana Žuchová: Zlodeji a svedkovia). The winner will be awarded on the fair gala reception on Friday 9th, November 2012.

Cena Fantázie (The Fantasy Award) will be given to the best fantasy/ sci-fi/ horror story. The Slovak Association of Publishers and Booksellers will give the Cena Alexa Augusta (The Alex August Award) to the most beneficial and most beautiful book of the 2011 year.

The Book Fair is open from 8th to 11th November from 10:00 to 18:00 (10:00 am to 6:00 pm).