IDEB Strengthened Cooperation within the Visegrad Group

The 5th international exhibition of defence engineering IDEB culminated on Friday in Incheba. Event that takes place only once in every two years was held in the spirit of the 10th anniversary of the accession of Slovak Republic to the North Atlantic Treaty. The exhibition was even more exceptional this year thanks to its conjunction with the Central European Security and Foreign Policy Forum GLOBSEC within the new project “Central European Safety Week”. The total area of 24.000 m2 presented 165 exhibitors from 18 countries. From 14th to 16th May, IDEB was attended by 21.847 visitors.     

IDEB created place for mutual discussion on strengthening the cooperation within countries of the Visegrad Group in the area of defence. Besides the Minister of Defence of SR, the exhibition was also attended by his resort colleagues from Czech Republic and Poland Martin Stropnický and Tomasz Siemoniak. Their mutual negotiation was further followed by ceremonial signing of the cooperation agreement between Slovakia and Poland on safety ensuring.     

The exhibition also introduced the most modern military technique, equipment for protection and safety ensuring and modernization of defence systems, also thanks to the Grand Prix IDEB 2014 competition. One of the awarded exhibits in the category Tanks, Vehicles and Transport Equipment was the modernized infantry fighting vehicle platform BVP-2 labelled IFV ŠAKAL, that represents a result of Czech-Slovak cooperation.   

Besides others, IDEB has created a platform for discussion on the much needed modernization of Armed Forces of SR. As was stated by the Minister of Defence of SR Martin Glváč, the resort would like to diversify military cars and small arms, seeing that Slovak Republic will join the EU Battlegroup consisting of soldiers from countries of Visegrad Group. This one should be on duty in 2016.    

During all 3 days of the exhibition, dynamic demonstrations were performed by members of the Military Police and Ground Forces of the Slovak Republic. The programme included demonstrations of capturing the fleeing suspect by a trained dog and searching for explosives, traps setting samples, self-defence demonstrations as well as previews of escorting and protecting of the VIP in the conflict area. Visitors could meet the popular figures from Army Sport. Autographs were signed by Olympic athletes Anastasia Kuzminová, Jozef Gönci, Petra Vlhová, Martin Tešovič as well as by the queen of the white track Kateřina Neumannová.  

Final Press Release IDEB 2014 (.pdf)

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