The Medical Exhibition Duo Will Introduce the Newest Medical Devices

From 6th to 8th October the Bratislava exhibition grounds will belong to medical exhibitions Slovmedica and Non-Handicap that bring complex overview of new medical technologies, gadgets and aids with the aim to provide high quality medical care. Exhibitors will introduce equipment for hospitals and offices, medical aids, devices for improvement of mobility, treatment of vehicles for disabled and professional literature.

The medical exhibition duo is popular not only amongst professionals from this area that are interested in novelties on the market and exchange their knowledge and experience, but also amongst wide public that will get recommendations how to care for their health.

This year visitors will see plenty of novelties at the exhibitions, one of them being a GP2 Transport Lounger designed for easy and safe transport of patients in interiors. Another novelty is Genny 2.0 Urban Wheelchair in limited RR edition that represents the new philosophy of personal mobility. Due to unique technology it brings its user a freedom of movement – the wheelchair enables an instant turning on the spot with zero turning radius and ride forwards without necessity to use of any joystick or accelerator – the only thing you need to do is lean forward! The only Slovak manufacturer of laminar boxes is placing on the market a modernized series of its laminar boxes Ekostar Flox BH. These are boxes with vertical airflow and bottom suction that secures protection of the processed product against bacteriological or particle contamination from external environment and at the same time it protects the operator against possible harmful or even toxic effects of the processed materials. Another Slovak manufacturer will present food supplements, one of them being enzyme Serrapeptase Plus 250 000 SPU that relieves chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Another product Serrapeptase Plus is in form of acid-fast capsules that are dissolved only in the small intestine. The added inulin substance acts in the small intestine as probiotic for good bacteria.

The Slovmedica and Non-handicap exhibitions are opened from 6th to 8th October from 10.00am to 6.00pm. The ticket costs 6€ and 4€ (discounted ticket) and is also valid for the ongoing fairs Interbeauty, Esoterika and Biostyl.