Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to welcome the opportunity to present the latest results of the modernization of the Slovak Armed Forces within the framework of the International Defence Exhibition IDEB 2020, which will be held in Bratislava under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic.

In accordance with the Long-Term Perspective of Armament till 2030, the processes of extensive comprehensive modernization of the Armed Forces aimed at modernizing and upgrading obsolete technology have been launched in order to meet the current requirements for tactical and operational competencies. The main priority is to build heavy mechanized brigade projects, armored vehicles, communications and navigation systems as well as automated command systems. By 2030, the department aims to produce aims to procure the replacement of the fighter aircraft and the replacement of radio-locators for new types of three-dimensional radars, which are currently in the process of implementation. In the process of changing the airport radar technology of the Air Force, the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic plans to change airport surveillance radars at military airports within the time horizon of 2019-2022. In connection with the alteration of the "Medium and Small reach" surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft warfare, the Ministry will continue to act in the sense of the 2030 Long-Term Perspective of Armament within the 2020-2030-time horizon. In the field of land force project development, 8x8 vehicle procurement programs dominate, which should replace outdated IFV-1 vehicles, furthermore, 4x4 vehicles to support the newly-developing capabilities of motorized units. Moreover, a solution of the alteration program, or more precisely, the modernization of the tank technology and new combat tracked vehicles is planned in the near future. These armaments projects are part of the program of fulfilling the commitments of the Slovak Republic as a responsible member of NATO.

Rapid technological development and new trends in operations management in the world assume the development of the Communication and Information Systems´ capabilities aimed at increasing the level of support and command of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic through the forces and means of modern stationary and mobile systems, high data availability with emphasis on ensuring cybersecurity.

IDEB 2020 will provide an exceptional opportunity to become acquainted with the production of foreign manufacturers, to create incentives to establish cooperation between the Slovak and foreign defence industries and also to develop business relations with the representatives of armies of partner states, which Ministry of Defence is planning to invite to this fair.

plk. Ing. Vladimír Kavický, PhD.
General Director of the Section of Modernization - National Armaments Director
Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic