Dear business partner,

national, regional and global security issues represent an integral part of each state's policy. On the one hand, defining security interests and identifying potential risks and threats, on the other hand strengthening self-defense and adequate modernization of the armed forces in cooperation with partners and allies, or supporting the domestic defense industry - the defense and security agenda is continuously adapting to new challenges and circumstances. The international defense exhibition IDEB, which will take place on May 13-15, 2020 in Incheba, Bratislava will react on all these issues. Due to its lucrative location in the middle of Central Europe, the fair has an irreplaceable place in the calendar of events focused on defense and security. The past years have confirmed a strong position of the fair, not only for its high professional level but also for the participation of strategic partners and a long-lasting tradition.

The fair IDEB is a platform that connects security and defense products with innovations and modern approaches in this area, including cybersecurity issues and new capabilities in the field of armed forces and security forces. Therefore, the fair represents a unique opportunity not only for presentation but also for the establishment and strengthening of business contacts both on a domestic and international level. Thanks to their participation at the fair, representatives of the Slovak defense industry have a chance to make their production visible and to intensify their business activities not only at home but also on foreign markets. On the other hand, foreign companies have a unique opportunity to bring their activities closer to representatives of defense departments, armed forces and other security forces in the important Central European market.

Dear business partner, do not miss the chance to present your offer at this unique event and establish cooperation on important investment projects not only on global but thanks to the intensive cooperation of V4 countries also on a regional scale with an emphasis on investments in Central Europe. The strong presence of major representatives of defense governmental departments and numerous foreign delegations ensures that IDEB represents a great opportunity with huge potential.

The fair IDEB - a place where technologies, innovations, and business combine together.


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