We would like to cordially invite you to the biggest travel festival in Slovakia!

For 25 years in a row we have brought top quality information in Slovakia regarding the traveling topic. Each year we put all our efforts into preparing a travel festival. Why? Because we love to develop the Slovak exploring and traveling. Amongst guests and projecting people in last editions were popular persons like Adela Banášová, Mikuláš Dzurinda, Boris Filan, František Kele, Ivan Mikloš, Jozef Banáš and many others. The director of the festival is MUDr. Ľuboš Fellner, the only Slovak who put his feet on both poles and visited the birth place of three world religions - Mecca, Bethlehem and Lumpini. The audience consists of eager and educated people. The high quality of the event is also proved by this year’s programme – exhibitions of the best photographers of Slovakia and screenings of experienced people who have lots to tell, and this festival gives a great opportunity to meet them in person.     

BUBO Ball is the biggest when it comes to number of visitors and range of photographic exhibitions, also attracting the highest amount of foreign visitors who come to Bratislava only because of the festival. The screenings bring to the snowy Bratislava the newest information and experience from regions of the whole world.

BUBO Ball takes place once in a year, this time on 26th January and 27th January 2019. The travel festival is a non-commercial event whose only aim is to develop the Slovak traveling and exploring. We would love you to support us in this activity, whether it is via informing about the festival, visit of the festival or interview with the organizers on travel topics.

You are supporting a GOOD THING.

How about safe traveling? That is the topic of today. The biggest travel festival BUBO Ball will host the most experienced travellers from Slovakia who will advise on where to travel safely in 2019. Last week the Ministry of Foreign Affairs USA issued a security map https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories.html/ with which the director of the BUBO Mudr. Ľuboš Fellner does not agree with. He argues that Russia, Cuba and Iran are totally safe for any traveller, even safer than today’s France or Belgium. “The ministries of foreign affairs are reflecting their political interests into the world security maps issued by them,” says Fellner. Since we make travels to 190 countries of the world and have no favourites of our own, we do not prefer anyone and tell the truth that helps everyone travel to places they prefer. Our security maps are not made for presidents, whose security is, e.g. in the Republic of South Africa, at risk, thus they need to protect their homes; our maps are made for travellers. Each year we travel around the world, visit exotic countries most often within Slovakia agencies, thus we logically have the largest overview. BUBO develops Slovak travelling and exploring and we are glad to share our knowledge with others.

BUBO Ball takes place during weekend from 26th to 27th January in the premises of Incheba during the fair of travel ITF Slovakiatour. The detailed programme can be found at www.bubobal.sk. You are cordially invited.

Each visitor has a chance to win a flight to any corner of the world, exclusive trilogy from Ľuboš Fellner or annual ticket to screenings of the BUBO guides.

More information can be found at the festival page www.bubobal.sk.

We would like to thank you for your support, feel free to contact us in case of any questions. 

Best regards, yours BUBO