Bratislava Collectors Days
17th Edition of the International Collector's Fair
June 5 – 6, 2020


Collecting - a passion, a lifelong hobby and also an excellent investment. Bratislava Collectors Days are proof of this.

The largest collector's fair in Slovakia, which welcomes exhibitors from all over the world, brings to Incheba in Bratislava a number of interesting collector's exhibits. Coins, banknotes, medals, old paper documents, postage stamps, postcards, antiques, minerals and semi-precious stones, phone cards, badges, historical jewelry, toys, as well as novelties in 2019 – old books or vinyl records, attract the attention of thousands of visitors every year. It was in 2019 that the collector's fair earned truly extraordinary attention and a plethora of positive responses. Thanks to the rich offering and accepted novelties, more than 7 thousand people visited the exhibition center in two days, which represents the highest number in the history of Bratislava Collectors Days so far.

Every year, the collector's fair is accompanied by an intensive advertising and PR campaign that you can greatly benefit from. Outdoor advertising space, online banner campaigns, newsletters as well as radio, TV and print output ensure not only the promotion of the fair as a whole. In particular thanks to print, television and radio increased visibility of individual exhibitors is also ensured.

Do not miss the unique chance to become a part of Bratislava Collectors Days. By participating in the fair, you will get the opportunity to intensify your business activities, establish new contacts and thus strengthen your market position in the collector segment.

Bratislava Collectors Days 2019 in media

Nový Čas, June 8, 2019

Everyone wanted the limited edition. Thanks to the 16th International Collector's Fair, Incheba in Bratislava became the center of attention for collectors from all over Slovakia. Already the 16th edition of International Collector's Fair - Bratislava Collectors Days is held here. The biggest attractions include the sale of 0-euro souvenir banknotes introduced in two new motives. Many passionate collectors did not hesitate to put up their tents in front of the well-known exhibition center already from Wednesday.

TV Joj, June 7, 2019

Today and tomorrow, collectors from all over Slovakia exchange not only experience but also valuable collector's pieces. At Bratislava Collectors Days, up to 180 exhibitors from over 20 countries offer the unique opportunity to see the attractions and curiosities along with providing valuable advice.

TV Markíza, June 7, 2019

Postcards, coins, stamps, antiques from all around the world. The famous Collector's Fair started today at the exhibition center in Bratislava. Zero-euro banknotes sparked enormous interest among visitors. Numbers are limited. The most passionate collectors have been spending nights in their tents in front of the fair for days before opening.

Plus 1 Deň, June 8, 2019

You will not be able to see this anytime soon! As in previous years, people from all over the world sharing the same passion, met in Incheba yesterday and today. The majority of the fair was dedicated to antique coins, banknotes and stamps, among which rare and unique items could be found. They were offered for sale or admiration by collectors of many nationalities.

Bratislava Collectors Days 2019 in numbers

  • 180 exhibitors
  • 20 participating countries
  • More than 7 000 visitors

I am looking forward to our cooperation!

Mária Vašičková
Director of the Fair
M +421 903 963 341
T +421 2 6727 2025


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