Proposal, provision and technical implementation, made-to-order items:

- dance floor, floating floor with an ornamental aluminium ledge, beech, oak or walnut decor
- collapsible Nivtec Flexibel stage, anodicaly inactivated aluminium with an antiskid coating, 60 or 100 cm high, steps  
- interior decoration with white fabric
- fitting of carpets of various colours
- graphical navigation system

Provision/rental of furniture and accessories according to your requirements:

Chairs, armchairs

- leather armchair
- upholstered chair, without armrests, colours: black, blue, green, red
- upholstered chair, decorated with a cover of white colour or possibly with a ribbon
- collapsible chair, made of plastic or chrome
- garden chair, made of plastic
- bench, made of plastic
- bar stool

Tables, counters

- round garden table, Φ 80 cm, made of plastic
- round table, Φ 60 cm for 2 persons, made of chrome and wood
- round table, Φ 100 cm for 4 persons, made of chrome and wood
- round table, Φ 160 cm for 6 to 8 persons, made of chrome and wood
- round table, Φ 200 cm for 8 to 12 persons, made of chrome and wood
- square shaped table, Φ 80x80 cm for 4 persons, 70 cm high, made of chrome and wood
- table, Φ 120x80 cm, 75 cm high, made of chrome and wood
- conference table, Φ 120x60 cm, 57 cm high, made of chrome and wood
- “stand by” table, Φ 85 cm, 140 cm high, made of chrome and wood
- bar counter, 99x95x49 cm
- bar counter, 99x112x49 cm

Other equipment

- standing hanger
- high capacity hanger
- 225 l fridge
- freeze counter

Gastronomic services:

- coffe-breaks, soirées, receptions, parties, balls

Technical equipment, electrical and water connections, lighting system as requested:

- electrical wiring: switchboard with fuse + cabling (230V, 400V)
- water connections to the sink, without the sink
- lighting – halogen 350W, 150W
- lighting – neon, coloured foils
- lighting – spot lights 40W, ceiling light
- light 500W

Parking spots in the complex for 4 500 cars

Event personnel:

security, fire and health service
- cleaning services
- hostess
- sale of tickets before the event

Audio-visual equipment – sound system, projection, interpreter’s equipment as necessary

Installation of telephone and internet lines according to your needs:

- hot spot Internet (wifi)
- 128 kbps ISDN line
- network connection using RJ 45 connector with transfer rate from 256 kbps up to 2048 kbps


Accommodation in the Incheba*** hotel