Space rental for events

Multifunctional complex of Incheba Expo Bratislava is suitable for any kind of event. Therefore the complex is recently used more intensively for various social, cultural, sporting or other formal events.

Versatility and variability of individual parts of the complex, both indoor and outdoor represent a great possibility to combine creative solutions for “one-time” events. However, the complex of Incheba Expo Bratislava can be just as well used for social or expert events organised for several days. At the same time Incheba offers a comprehensive package of services which ensure a high standard and comfort to the client, visitors and partners when organising an event.

With the number of social events growing every year, the number of organisers and visitors grows as well. Therefore it is natural that their needs and demands keep on increasing. Our effort and vision is aimed at meeting all the requirements and at the same time setting the trends, inspiring and becoming a sought after and right choice for events as well as a long term reliable partner.