Materialisation of displays for exhibitions and fairs

Dear Exhibitors and Business Partners,

Incheba, a.s. is not just an organiser of exhibitions and trade fairs, it can also offer you full exhibition service.

Our offer is the construction of displays with complementary services for quality presentations of your companies.
We guarantee to our clients a quality and professional approach based on many years of experience in the exhibition
and trade fair field, not just on the Slovak market, but also abroad.

We offer the construction of displays made of classic as well as modern construction materials and decoration systems.
To our demanding clientele we can offer non-typically designed displays with the use of unique materials and elements,
so to speak ‘tailor made’ for the customer.

Our aim is to make displays, designed by our architects, that respect the individuality of the company and also meet
the basic attributes, which are the expediency and the effectiveness of presentations with regard to individual requirements.
In the case of limited funds, we are able to choose the way of an elegant and effective compromise by connecting classic
construction systems with non-typical elements.

We wish you a lot of business success and well-spent time in the trade fair Bratislava.

Your Implementation Team

General participation terms (.pdf)