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... brings you an amazing experience
... creates a unique atmosphere
... brings about positive emotions and leaves you with unforgettable memories
... creates opportunities for new social contacts and business partnerships
... opens possibilities for alternative means of  communication with employees as well as with clients
... inspires you and stimulates all your senses

Incheba Expo Bratislava offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for organizing events.
From small-scale seminars and press conferences to large-scale events of an international importance.

The comparative advantage of the area constitutes of the ability of complex securing of events. We will make your creative conceptions come true, carry out the architectonical and technical design and construction scene, eventually a 3D visualization and decorations. We have a production – manufacturing department that will promptly and flexibly fulfill even the most demanding requirements of interior equipment. We are able to secure catering, acoustic, effect lightning or audio-visual projection for every event. According to your objectives we will prepare the dramaturgy and propose the performers. Thanks to the wide experience of our event team we are able to respond dynamically even to the most challenging requirements.

The area of more than 165 000 m2 contains quantum of interior space, large outdoor areas and 2500 parking lots which enables us to organize any kind of event. A hotel is located right in the exhibition area with its´ proximity being appreciated by many visitors especially during the course of an event.

Location also belongs into the great advantages. Incheba Expo Bratislava is located in the immediate vicinity of highways that connect our country with Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary, thus supporting and developing the international business contacts. Its availability in regard to Bratislava town is also excellent – the centre is 5 minutes away which is convenient especially from the tourist point of view.