Zero Euro banknotes at Bratislava Collectors Days

At the upcoming collector's fair in Incheba, you will find plenty of interesting pieces that will complement and enrich your collections. Exceptional postage stamps, postcards, coins and banknotes, as well as historical weapons, paintings, minerals and old jewelry, books or vinyl records ... whether you are an enthusiastic collector or a layman who wants to find his/her way around the offering and get a valuable gift, Bratislava Collectors Days is a place to be!

One of this year's "pullers" will undoubtedly be the so-called zero Euro banknotes that literally awakened collector's passion among the Slovak nation. Already last year, the first edition of a zero Euro banknote with the Bratislava Castle motive was sold at the Collector's Fair in Incheba - the entire 5,000-piece load was sold out in a single day. It is interesting, however, that this edition was made with a press error - one letter "s" was left out in the word "Bratislavský" when printing. This year at the Collector´s Fair, you can buy a revised edition (with the motive of the Bratislava Castle), but also a zero Euro banknote with the motive of the presidential palace. In addition to the two new Bratislava releases, another special crowd-puller will be the first release of the Italian Euro souvenir banknote depicting Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI.

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