From 30th of September to 3rd of October 2008, three important exhibitions are going to take place in Incheba Expo Bratislava – EXPOREKLAMA, 14th Fair of Advertising Services, SIGN SLOVAKIA, 13th Fair of Signmaking and OFFICE, 6th Fair of Office Furnishing.


During four days of fairs duration, companies  from fields of advertising, information and advertisement systems, office and paper materials, advertisement makers, materials and technology suppliers are going to have presentations devoted to all the visitors. Professional acompanying programme is a component part of fairs. Professional seminars, round tables on different topics, even a book christening – all prepared for visitors and exhibitors, who are heartily welcomed.


Professional programme guarantees are: Faculty of Management EU Bratislava, Faculty of Marketing Comunication FF UK, Advertisement Councel, Slovak Promotion Association (SOSPRA), Uniapress International and  Society of Polygraphy in Slovakia.