The International Defence Exhibition IDEB postponed to 2021

Due to the significant deterioration of the epidemiological situation, the International Defense Exhibition IDEB will be held in 2021. The decision to postpone the date of the fair is a result of today’s meeting with the Minister of Defense of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Jaroslav Naď.

“In the current situation, when record numbers of new coronavirus infections are increasing in Slovakia, we cannot risk to endanger the health of the members of the armed forces, ministerial employees, exhibitors as well as trade fair visitors. We are very sorry to postpone the fair to 2021, as this is the second postponement. However, in this situation, we must behave as responsible as possible”, the Minister of Defense said.

The International Defense Exhibition IDEB is an important platform for connecting products of security and defense industry with innovations in this field. It also includes issues related to cyber security and new approaches in the environment of the armed forces and security forces. The fair is also an opportunity to establish and strengthen business contacts at the domestic and international level and cooperation in investment projects within the V4 countries.

The Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic participation at the fair is very important from the professional point of view. The alternative date of the fair was set to March, 2nd – 4th 2021.

I believe that our exhibitors will understand the decision to postpone the fair. For our part, we did everything we could to organize the event. However, at the same time, we have to respect the decision of the Ministry of Defense and all competent authorities, “ Alexander Rozin, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Incheba, said.