Axon´ Cable

AXON’ CABLE products for the Military Industry

Cables and cable assemblies for the battlefield

Rugged, reliable, EMI optimized, compact and lightweight: these are the qualities of cables, cable assemblies and connectors offered by Axon’ Cable for military applications. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is also a key issue for electronic military equipment. Not only the cables but also the whole interconnects have to be protected against EMI so that communication and navigation systems play their role on the battlefield.

Harsh environment

Wires and composite cables insulated with high performance materials can resist harsh environments including crush resistance, cut-through, flexibility and tensile strength. For naval and land applications, Axon’ Cable offers low smoke zero halogen cables designed to restrain flame propagation for soldier’s security.


Flexforce  cables are flexible power cables able to carry up to 800 Amps while being resistant to abrasion, cut-though and chemical products. They can be used for the power supply in radars, turrets and hydrid drive systems.

High data rates

Based on different standards including LVDS, Ethernet, IEEE1394 and Fibre Channel, high data rates links offered by Axon’ Cable are designed to meet the most challenging military environments. EMC optimized, they are terminated with miniature micro D circular or rectangular connectors.

Low losses

For military applications, microwave coaxial cables assemblies are mainly used up to 18 GHz for radars, antennas, and surveillance systems. Resistant to abrasion and fluids, they can be terminated with SMA, TNC, N or 7/16 connectors. Low fire hazard versions are also available for naval use.


When designing rugged systems for harsh environments, the available space is often very limited. To meet this requirement, Axon’ Cable offers flexible cable assemblies and harnesses. They can be terminated with miniature circular or rectangular micro-D connectors manufactured by Axon’ Cable. Rugged but lightweight, axon’connectors allow for space and weight saving.

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