A title of the first Miss Motorcycle belongs to the girl from Suzuki

The first winner of the Miss Motorcycle contest was a representative of the Suzuki brand with a beautiful name Rebeka. She won the title of the most beautiful and most charming hostess at the Motorcycle 2019 exhibition after convincing a professional jury about her beauty, charm, and skills - for example, a ride on the electric scooter CityWiel between the obstacles, where not only the speed but also the elegance of the ride was evaluated. The expert jury consisted of superstars Martina Šindlerová and Tomáš Bezdeda, motocross racer Ivan Jakeš, the dancer from Old School Brothers Miroslav Žilka and keyboardist from Peter Cmorík Band Kristóf Kiss. A total of 11 girls, representing each motorcycle brand, fought for the beauty crown. The title of the first vice miss was won by Monika- a hostess from Yamaha and Sandra from the BRP stand became the third most beautiful girl of the exhibition.