Motor Show in Full Motion since Tuesday

Beautiful new cars and many novelties have lured to Incheba many visitors since the very opening of the fair. The accompanying programme serves as a true gear for all expositions, being concentrated especially around safety. The rollover simulator, impact simulator and simulator of impact of alcohol beverages on drivers happen to be the biggest attractions of the fair. Getting to know the vital importance of safety belts and seeing through the eyes of drunken driver are not only important but also very useful insights to learn about.

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auto 14 auto 14

The show has met all the high level expectations this year, which is also reflected by each exposition. During the ceremonial reception, four expositions were voted for the most creative onesKia, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Peugeot. Come and judge for yourself the rightness of the jury decisions! We are looking forward to meeting you all the time till Sunday.

kia vw
mercedes peugeot