Activities for Children and Attractive Accompanying Programme

Post stamps are a total must-be of the collectors’ days so the stands of Slovak and Czech Post will definitely not be missing. Children can pretend to be postmen or draw their own post stamp. Besides much other, Slovak Post is preparing an inauguration of a new stamp with personalized coupon “Floral Motif” in the presence of its authors on Friday at 11.00.   

The exhibition “Interesting Facts about Modern Slovak and Czech Stamps” will convince everyone that even the common modern stamps can be interesting, whether for investors or collectors.

The collectors fair will be traditionally enriched by a section of minerals where visitors can choose from the offer of rough minerals, semiprecious stones as well as of jewels made of them. The Bratislava Collectors Days will also offer lectures on diamonds, precious stones, minerals or financial literacy, as well as presentations of coins and medals of the Bratislava Mint or numismatic auction where a precious 10 crown coin from 1933 will be auctioned amongst others. A service of free evaluation of their philately collections will be available for all visitors on Friday.

Bratislava Collectors Days are open on Friday from 10.00 to 18.00 and on Saturday from 10.00 to 16.00. A one-day admission is 4 euros, two-days admission is 5 euros. Children and youth under 15 are admitted free.