What Were the Christmas Days Like?

The last fair of this year’s season, the Christmas Days, offered not only an inspiration for Christmas presents for the whole family but it also brought lot of fun and possibilities to have a rest during the hectic pre-Christmas hurry. Wednesdays belonged to Gizka Oňová who turned up being not only a good singer but also an excellent cook. Step by step, she cooked a bean soup, fish soup and sauerkraut soup for all the visitors. Good things speak for themselves, so there is really no need to mention how tasteful it was! Little cooks and chefs could show their talent every Thursday. They could bake and decorate their own gingerbread in the gingerbread cottage. We satisfied both adults and children during the first weekend – the games festival HRAtislava brought more than thousand games from all over the world. Every game was free to test together with trained personnel ready to help with the rules. Another weekend during the Christmas Days belonged especially to children. The biggest Children Paradise brought many amazing attractions for children of all age groups. The artists from the first school of new circus Cirkus-Kus, children from dance school “Smiem prosiť?” as well as the HIP-HOP faculty of Johnny Perfekto and Lady Mel – all these met with great success and applause. We cannot forget about the unique exhibition of Bethlehem scenes that captured the attention of both visitors and media. In short, this year’s Christmas Days offered something for everyone. After all, see for yourself:   

dni vianoc 14 dni vianoc 14 betlehemy
gizka oňová detský vianočný raj