Official international events

Conference of the Parties for the Convention on Biological Diversity

Incheba does have great experience in organizing events on the highest level. In 1998 the company hosted 4th Meeting of Conference of the Parties for the Convention on Biological Diversity. Such international event held in Bratislava was of great importance not only in terms of progress in solving the question of global biodiversity conservation but in terms of promoting Slovakia as well. More than 1400 representatives from more than 140 countries participated, from which many have visited Slovakia for the first time ever.

The Bush-Putin Summit

In 2005, Incheba hugely participated in organizing the meeting of the presidents G.W. Bush and V. Putin in Bratislava. The official press centre was built, covering the whole area of 12.000 m2 and creating a space for more than 600 print media, 42 television crews and 30 radio stations.

The Visit of the President G.W. Bush in Budapest

Thanks to good experience with Incheba, the White House requested our company to organize even more public appearances of the president in the surrounding countries. In 2006, during the visit of G.W. Bush in Budapest, an amphitheatre for guests was built together with a stage with the surrounding of cityscape for the American president’s presentation and premises for press, television and electronic media.

The Visit of the President G. W. Bush in Prague

In 2007, Incheba Bratislava – already for the third time – secured the premises for the American president G.W. Bush during his official visit in Prague. At the end of this official visit, the American president delivered a speech in the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Czech Republic, that were exclusively fitted up by Incheba on demand from the White House. The president G.W. Bush himself thanked the director general of Incheba, Mr. Alexander Rozin. President’s counselor Scott N. Sforza added: „During the official visit in Prague, Incheba has once again confirmed its´ high-professional approach, the quality work and above standard services. Mr. President appreciated not only the creativity, but also the technical sophistication of the whole team that participated on the preparations, and also expressed joy from the personal meeting. “

Informal Meeting of NATO Defense Ministers

In 2009, Incheba organized the Informal Meeting of NATO Defense Ministers in terms of organizing and providing the premises as well. This event took place in Slovakia for the first time. The meeting in Incheba Expo Bratislava was presided by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The participants of the two days long informal meeting were hosted by the Minister of Defense SR Jaroslav Baška. Incheba was the meeting place for more than 800 deputies and hundreds of media representatives. The whole exhibition area was readjusted flexibly for needs of the important meeting.