The start of Incheba is inseparably connected with the start of the organising of the Exhibition of Chemical Products in 1967 (10 – 20 June). That exhibition followed on the tradition Bratislava had in the 18th and 19th centuries, when Bratislava Markets were organised and later changed into the Danube Trade Fair between 1921 and 1942. The many years of the pre-war trade fair tradition of the International Danube Trade Fair in Bratislava were followed on by the first chemical trade fairs, which were started to be organised later in 1967 and 1968.

In 1967 took place the 1st Exhibition of Chemical Products, which started a new exhibition tradition in Bratislava. In 1969 the name of the exhibition was changed to the International Chemical Trade Fair INCHEBA. By that event, the basis for the future exhibition tradition of the city of Bratislava, which was supported by the start of the company Incheba a.s. on 21.11.1989, was created. The name of the company was taken from the name of the international chemical trade fair and is an acronym of its name in English: INterantional CHEmical BratislavA.

  • 1967 - 2007

Incheba, P.l.c. has been operating successfully on the exhibition market for 40 years. Since its start, the company has undergone many changes, up to today’s form – a joint-stock company. Thanks to the tradition, experience and professional support base, it ranks among the most significant companies in the field not just in Slovakia but also internationally, in particular in the Central European region.

The most important years and events in the development of the company include:

  • 1967

1st Exhibition of Chemical Products ‘Incheba’ started a new exhibition tradition in Bratislava.

  • 1970

An international trading company Incheba was started; its main subject of activities was the organising of exhibitions and trade fairs, and promotional services.

  • 1989

Incheba Bratislava, joint-stock company was started on 21 November.

  • 1992

Incheba Praha, based in the premises of the Prague Exhibition Ground, was started.

  • 1995

The first stage of own exhibition ground was completed and new colouring of Bratislava’s quarter Petržalka was created. By the Coneco 95 trade fair, opened on 10 May, the history of the new exhibition ground was started.

  • 2003

By the completion of the exhibition premises, a 60,000 m2 roofed exhibition area, a 45,000 m2 outdoor exhibition area and 4,500 parking places were created.

  • 2004

Hall A0 and Expo Club were added to the exhibition halls.

  • 2005

Setup of an official press centre during the presidential summit Bush – Putin and the organisation of the summit.

  • 2006

Organisation of an international defence industry trade fair - IDEB, which returned to Bratislava after several years and the implementation of promotional activities for the summit of the American president in Budapest.

  • 2007

The White House asked Incheba for the third time to provide premises in Prague for the American president.

  • 2008

The IDEB fair with its character and parameters has been ranked amongst predominant central-European special technique oriented fairs since overcoming all the other fairs of this kind that take place in Slovakia. The fair was rated as a top event of the year in European parameters. The 2008 year was record breaking for the 18th MOTORSHOW fair with the biggest number of exhibitors and Slovak show premieres ever. During this year, Incheba was also a hosting place for many successful television projects and foreign stars´ concerts.

  • 2009

The 30th anniversary of CONECO fair. Incheba provided premises for the International Dogs Exhibition, the biggest one in the history of International Cynology Federation. Incheba also provided premises for and organized the Informal Meeting of NATO Defense Ministers. The autumn was held in sign of searching for the first Czecho-Slovak Superstar.

  • 2010

The IDEB exhibition confirmed its role of the most important event of such range in the Central European region. Expositions were viewed by more than 22 071 visitors and the rate of the foreign professional visitors was increased. The event was embroidered by currently conceived accompanying program. During the Coneco fair we have prepared the Academy of Energy Efficiency. The aim of this project was to explain all the current topics that can emerge during the construction of residential or business premises.

  • 2011

For the first time in a row, the Motor Show was accompanied by the Exhibition of Luxury Goods and Services Exclusive Salon. The new and original concept with an atmosphere of the French Riviera stunned many visitors. During the whole course of the exhibition – which aim was to mediate the world of the rich to the others – the hall attracted people like a magnet. Besides cars, many other things were presented – including boats, plain, helicopter, rare watches, audio technology, furniture and financial services. Car section drew attention to the luxury delights of brands like Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari, Lexus and Rolls Royce. The last named car factory chose the Bratislava Motor Show as the only exhibition in the region of Central and East Europe besides Moscow, where the rare cars were presented as well.    

  • 2012

This year Incheba hosted an exclusive international event EUCYS – EU competition for young scientists. The aim of the event was to raise the passion of children for science, research and technical disciplines and support the creative thinking. The organizers also searched for talents in the age group from 10 to 20 years old. During autumn, the premises of Incheba were also used for a live broadcasting of television JOJ program Czechoslovakia Has Talent. Music fans were thrilled by a concert of American singer Seal.

  • 2013

Incheba hosted one of the five most prestigious wine competitions in the world – Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. Slovakia won the right to organize the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles event in competition with another Central European rivals. The event was attended by 300 tasters from 50 countries, assessing more than 8 200 samples of wine. The summer pause in fair and exhibition calendar was filled by an exceptional event realized for Nissan Europe company. On the occasion of introducing new models Nissan Note and Nissan Micra, Nissan Europe company has chosen Bratislava to be the host town for the two-month long event and Incheba to be the venue and supplier for most of the technical realization for its Innovation & Excitement event that hosted more than 10 000 participants.  

  • 2014

For the first time ever Incheba hosted the Thai Festival that educated visitors on Thai culture, habits and traditions. The event took place on the initiative of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand in Vienna with representation in Slovakia and was organized by Thai embassies from surrounding countries. The world exhibition Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures that lasted from mid-August 2014 to mid-January 2015 received plenty of positive feedback. In the beginning of November the Book Fair proved that people in Slovakia are still keen readers and keep a vivid interest in books and reading. For the first time ever the number of visitors conquered the limit of 40-thousand. Other events organized in Incheba are also worth mentioning – X Factor 2014, Miss Slovakia, Bratislava Jazz Days or IMT Smile and Lúčnica concerts. In Incheba we also greeted delegates of the 25th Convention of the Association of Towns and Communities of Slovakia. 

  • 2015

The 2015 in Incheba witnessed a great success of the Motor Show, the most important car event in Slovakia. The exhibition of luxury goods and services Exclusive Salon was traditionally a part of the event. Premium segment brands returned to the Motor Show after some time – which resulted in richer and more complex offer. Besides much more, the Christmas Days were enriched with very creative handmade weekend with Sashe that lured many visitors to Incheba that were interested in original handmade odds and ends. The Titanic exhibition caused a huge interest, educating visitors on hundreds of original artefacts taken from the famous wreck on the ocean floor. From the 48 externally organized events there are many worth mentioning – especially the Czecho-Slovakia´s Got Talent show, Concert for Kamil Peteraj 2015 or celebration of the Mercedes-Benz company anniversary in Slovakia.