Health first

After the summer pause, Incheba is once again opening the fair and exhibition season. The fall season is starting with Slovak Dental Days, Slovmedica and Non-Handicap. For huge interest from public, the exhibitions are once again going to be accompanied by House of Health opened for everyone who would like to know more about their health conditions and prevent the diseases of civilization. If you would like do something for yourself, do not hesitate and visit the medical exhibitions in Incheba for free from 26th to 28th September 2013.

The Slovmedica and Non-Handicap exhibitions will advise the public on the newest hospital equipment, various gadgets and instruments for patient treatment reducing pain or helping in convalescence of the lying patients. Disabled people will find various instruments for daily need. The accompanying programme is a vital part of the events, aimed at sharing new knowledge which enables to improve the treatment methods and procedures in health care facilities.

Slovmedica 2012  Non-Handicap 2012

The House of Health will offer lots of preventive examinations like measurement of blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, healthy lifestyle consulting, eye, dental, marks or joints examination. All the services will be provided by professionals and other medical employers for free and without ordering.

During three days the experienced rescuers will teach the public how to accurately do the first aid not only to adults but also to little babies. People will be given chance to try a treatment of realistically looking bloody injuries.

The House of Health  The House of Health