Collecting Still in Demand

Collecting – a lifetime hobby for some, an investment and store of value for others – is still very popular, which was proven by the 12th international collectors´ fair Bratislava Collectors Days. In two days long course of the fair, it was visited by 5 384 collectors and people interested in post stamps, old coins, small antiques, postcards, phone cards, medals, minerals and many other curiosities.

The total area of 4500m2 provided the visitors with the offer of almost 200 exhibitors from 18 countries. You could find many interesting pieces amongst the collections – exclusive offer of the Vatican Coins, the so called medals of popes depicting the portraits of Roman pontificates, investment coins “royalty” from Kremnica mint and many others.

One of the most interesting things at the fair was surely the offer of rare historical weapons including rifle with roller lock made in 16th-18th century in Germany, Austria-Hungary and France, as well as historical swords and rapiers. Probably the most precious amongst these was the wheel lock gun richly decorated by ivory made around 1660 whose value is around 10 000 EUR.

This years´ collector fair brought an exceptionally rich offer at the minerals section. Not only raw and rough stones and minerals, but also jewellery made of them represented a true eye candy for the visitors.

One of the traditional exhibitors at the Bratislava Collectors Days, Slovak Post together with the Post Museum and Post Philatelic Services (POFIS) introduced Slovak post stamps and philatelic objects. Children could enjoy the Children Post or learn how a little village post looked like in the 60s and 70s of the last century within a vintage stand.

Visitors were also interested in the noteworthy collection “Devín in the Mirror of Postal History” – thematic exhibit dedicated to the postal history of Devín that is processed into an encyclopaedia illustrated with post stamps and other material.