Precious Pieces at the Bratislava Collectors Days

This year the Bratislava Collectors Days will offer several unique pieces, one of them being a silver medal issued on the occasion of a 300th anniversary of the birth of Maria Theresa. The National Treasury will thus honour the anniversary of her death via commemorative medal made of one ounce of pure silver. The limited edition of 1717 pieces will be a reminder of the year this famous empress was born.

The uniqueness of the ounce silver medal is represented by symbolic date and limited number as well as its quality. The commemorative medal with high relief will be minted in the highest coin quality due to which it will gain a mirror gloss. Minted in a pure silver 999/1000, its weight will be 1 ounce (31,1g). Each medal from the total amount of 1717 pieces will be numbered. 

The collectors fair will offer all visitors a possibility to have minted a coin with various topics as a reminder, specifically a lucky coin, X Poltura replica or a jetton on the occasion of the Bratislava Collectors Days 2017.

Besides this all you can also look forward to the Minerals section. Not only rough minerals and semi-precious stones, but also jewels made of them or pearls will surely catch attention of not only collectors but also of all ladies desiring new accessory. Interesting lectures will not be missing either.