Moravian-Silesian Region

The Moravian-Silesian region is famous for its beautiful nature. There are 3 protected landscape areas: the Beskydy Mountains, the Jeseníky Mountains and The Poodří. The highest peak is Praděd located in the Jeseníky Mountains (1492 m), Lysá hora dominates the Beskydy Mountains. You can not only enjoy hiking, but there is also a dense network of cross-country skiing trails, which serve as cycle routes in summer.

The region is full of cultural, historical and technical attractions. The most famous castles are in Hradec nad Moravicí, Bruntál, Hukvaldy, Sovinec, technical landmarks in Dolní oblast Vítkovice, Landek Park, technical museum of Tatra Kopřivnice, and military monuments located on the Czech-Polish border.

Moravskoslezský kraj - Beskydy Vyšní Lhoty

Moravskoslezský kraj - Choltice Veterný mlyn

Moravskoslezský kraj - Dolní oblast Vítkovice

Moravskoslezský kraj - Lysá hora