Adress by General Director, National Armaments Director

generálmajor Ing. Daniel Zmeko ideb 2018I am really glad that the Ministry of Defence SR continues in keeping the tradition by granting a protection and professional guaranty in 2018 to the already 7th edition of the International Defence Exhibition 2018 in Bratislava. This event creates a space great not only for presentation of a technique of the Slovak Armed Forces and technology maturity of other exhibitors, but also for establishing professional and business relationships in the armament area.

In response to global security environment, in 2016-2017 the basic documents on Slovak Republic defence were revised; part of these documents is also a Slovak Republic defence development plan till 2030 (White Paper, Security Strategy of Slovak Republic, Defence Strategy of Slovak Republic and the Long Term Perspective of Armament till 2030).

Since 2017, directed and sustainable modernization and exchange of the main types of equipment and technology has been planned, prepared and started, together with production of stock of materials for the needs of the Slovak Armed Forces in accordance with the commitments of SR. The emphasis is put on rearmament of mechanized brigade and forces applicable to fight against terrorism. The task of the Section of Modernization and Infrastructure of the Ministry of Defence SR in the armament section is to secure the development of capability of the Slovak Armed Forces also in other areas, especially in aviation technology and NATO integrated air defence system, automotive technology, artillery firing systems and communications and information system. Stronger engagement of the Slovak defence industry in armament project is a positive factor. Our aim is to support all efforts to increase the quality of defence research especially in the area of applied research and support of technology transfer from scientific departments into praxis.  

Within the international exhibition we would like to demonstrate that Slovak Republic disposes of defence technology to protect its national security interests, at the same time being beneficial in the international efforts aimed at strengthening international security and stability. The participation in the IDEB 2018 exhibition provides Slovakia with a possibility to confront the results of our efforts with European and world trends.  

I believe that the International Defence Exhibition IDEB 2018 will add to development of work and business relationships that will brings results not only in the form of specific projects but will also strengthen cooperation between states and thus add to friendly co-operation.

Daniel ZMEKO
General Director
National Armaments Director