International Defence Exhibition Bratislava IDEB represents an ideal platform for presentation of the defence capability of SR with the emphasis on its long term development including Armed Forces and securing the stability of defence costs. The most modern military technique, equipment for ensuring protection and safety and dynamic samples – all of this is a part of this international event. For Slovak defence industry representatives IDEB represents a perfect opportunity for presentation and establishing contacts thanks to which they can strengthen their chance at the foreign markets.

IDEB, taking place only once every two years, also offers lots of interesting lectures in the presence of important professionals from the defence area and closely follows the political, economic and security situation at home and in the whole world. Thus it belongs to the most important events of its kind in the Central Europe.   

Patronage and professional guarantee of IDEB 2018:

  • Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic
  • The Security and Defence Industry Association of the Slovak Republic
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