We are inviting you to the 10th years of fairs Esoterika and Biostyl!

Opening hours: 10.00 - 18.00

Admission fee: full price 6 Eur

reduced price
 - students  4 Eur
 - pensioners (over 65 after submitting ID card)  4 Eur

SDP (severely disabled person) and SDP with accompaniment  free
children up to 6 (only in presence of adult person)  free

Parking: for the holder of a valid parking card for natural person with severe disabilities 1 Eur
car 5 Eur
commercial vehicle 10 Eur
bus 20 Eur

Online tickets

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Healthy food, spiritual development, alternative treatments, energy flows, fortune telling – topics that for many people represent a way to slow down in these fast-paced and hectic times and to find a life balance. The Biostyl and Esoterika fairs, taking place together with the Interbeauty fair in autumn, bring the newest information and tips for heathy life style and the many ways to achieve physical and mental well-being. Besides the many products of bio-quality visitors can also look forward to interesting professional lectures on medicine, psychology and personal development that can inspire them in their journey towards physical and mental well-being. 

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