The Oral Health Experts from the Whole Slovakia Will Meet in Incheba

The only specialized exhibition of its kind in Slovakia presents the news and novelties in area of dental clinics and laboratories equipment, gadgets, tools and materials used by experts in dental treatment. The exhibited tools can be tried on site during the interactive workshops.

The most up-to-date treatment procedures and technologies will go live during the Live Show, where the real patients are treated in public. The prestigious professional conference for dental nurses and dental hygienists is also a vital part of the fair, together with the even more important international stomatology congress that is registered in the FDI World Dental Federation events calendar. Beautiful and caries-free set of teeth is not only a question of modern esthetics, but most importantly a question of keeping the whole body healthy. It is the prevention neglecting that gives rise to dental caries and series of other serious illnesses. The Slovak Chamber of Dentists is preparing for the exhibition an event for wide public called The Day of Oral Health, aimed at proper oral care and prevention of civilization diseases.

SDD 2012  SDD 2012