Cosmos Discovery World Exhibition Ceremonially Opened on 12th September 2016!

Cosmos Discovery – the biggest traveling exhibition on aerospace in the whole world – made its debut on 12th September in Incheba Expo Bratislava.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was visited by precious guests including her Eminence Mrs. Lívia Klausová, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Slovakia. The audience also included Colonel Mr. Michal Fulier, crewman of the backup flight Sojuz TM-29 20.2. – 28.2.1999 to the orbital station MIR. Together with Ivan Bella these two men are the only Slovaks who completed a two-year training for astronauts. Due to this fact Colonel Fulier was able to provide media with enough detailed information concerning the Soviet Sojuz that belongs to the main exhibits of the event.    

Professional speeches for all exhibits were presented by professionals from the international science centre and museum Cosmosphere and by Czech professional guarantee of the exhibition Pavel Toufar.

The guests included representatives of the SOSA (Slovak Organization for Space Activities), Dr. Michaela Musilová, Slovak who has undergone a simulated Mars mission, or Jakub Kapuš, vice-chairman of the organization.

SOSA resonated in minds of public due to the skCUBE project with a proud attribute of the first Slovak satellite. Sk CUBE can be seen right at the Cosmos Discovery exhibition.

Another honorary guests that came to see the grand opening of the exhibition also included a popular singer Celeste Buckingham.

The Cosmos Discovery exhibition tells the story of the evolution and development of space travel from its historical origins to current planned missions and international cosmic projects. The exhibition contains more than 200 original exhibits from USA and Soviet Union, real models of rockets and space shuttles and unique historical documents.

Upon entry every visitor will receive a Space Card – Astronaut Card with name and life story of a real astronaut on space mission of who the visitor will learn more in the premises of the whole exhibition spaces.  

Visitors will see the Russian Sputnik, dog Lajka, American ape Enos, and story of Jurij Gagarin – the first human in cosmos. Other galleries contain lunar missions of the Apollo programme as well as Russian lunar rover Lunochod. The exhibition also contains an enormous model of the American rocket Saturn, part of the Mission Control Centre in Houston and three original basic modules of the Russian Soyuz. Professionals will surely appreciate original parts of the F1 motor from the Saturn rocket that carried Apollo to the Moon. Thanks to the Cosmos Discovery exhibition this motor left the borders of USA for the first time ever.

The end will offer all visitors an interactive play zone Cosmocamp where they can try the very demanding and intensive training of astronauts or the newest 3D technologies.

The whole exhibition is equipped with audio guide that every visitor will receive upon entry for free. 

Cosmos Discovery World Exhibition – a space mission for your whole family.

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