World Premiere of Aerospace Exhibition - Cosmos Discovery

Exhibition on the biggest adventure of the human kind – Cosmos Discovery!

The world exhibition on aerospace Cosmos Discovery will offer you real stories of heroes that crossed the magical borders of our atmosphere. You will touch the Moon, sit in driving cab of a space shuttle, and enter into the board of a space station. Lots of fun and entertainment as well as new knowledge waits for you and your family!

The opening ceremony of the international exhibition Cosmos Discovery will take place in Incheba Expo Bratislava on 12th September 2016; the whole area covers more than 3000 m2. Every visitor can admire hundreds of exhibits covering the development of manned space missions from the historical start to current planned missions. The exhibition is divided into 10 galleries in which visitors will see more than 200 original artefacts from space missions of USA and USSR, real models of rockets and space shuttles, previous models of orbital stations and unique historical documents. 

cosmos discovery výstava incheba

Upon entry every visitor will receive a Space Card – Astronaut Card with name and life story of a real astronaut on space mission of who the visitor will learn more in the premises of the whole exhibition spaces.  

The start of the Cosmos Discovery exhibition will offer visitors a view of the Russian Sputnik, dog Lajka, American ape Enos, story of Jurij Gagarin – the first human in cosmos, or American rocket Mercury that is being exhibited in 1:1 scale. Other galleries contain lunar missions of the Apollo programme including lunar rover which served the American crew for exploratory missions on the Moon, as well as Russian lunar rover Lunochod. The same diversity can be found at the showcase of space suits and other equipment from the oldest pieces to the newest models adapted for long stay at the space stations. Visitors will surely be captivated by the enormous model of the Saturn rocket or by three original basic modules of the Russian Soyuz. Visitors can touch a real stone from the Moon or admire asteroids that are tens of millions of years old.

cosmos discovery výstava incheba

However, the biggest attention will surely – and rightfully – be brought to parts of space shuttles and space stations or original equipment from the Houston control centre. Lots of them will be available for visitors to admire from inside, including their equipment. 

Professionals will surely appreciate original parts of the F1 motor from the Saturn rocket that carried Apollo to the Moon. Thanks to the Cosmos Discovery exhibition this motor will leave the borders of USA for the first time ever!

Besides many video projections the exhibition is being complemented by diorama technologies due to which all visitors will have an opportunity to visit the Moon or Mars. The exhibition will also reveal the newest plans for colonization of Mars and other projects of world space agencies. The end will offer all visitors an interactive play zone Cosmocamp where they can try the very demanding and intensive training of astronauts or the newest 3D technologies.

cosmos discovery výstava incheba

cosmos discovery výstava incheba

Besides clear descriptions, the whole exhibition is equipped with audio guide that every visitor will receive upon entry for free. 

Presale of the tickets for the world exhibition Cosmos Discovery at Ticketportal. 

Event is organized by JVS Group. More information can be found at