Meeting of Collectors in Incheba

Stamps, coins, phone cards, antiques, postcards, minerals as well as anything else you can imagine – there are no limits in the world of collectors. For many collecting is a passion, hobby and a way of investing and value retention. If you too belong to passionate collectors be sure not to miss the Bratislava Collectors Days in Incheba taking place from 5th to 6th June 2015. This event unites collectors from the whole world and once again attracts the attention of all with its offer and accompanying programme. One of the novelties will be a presentation of the Kremnica Mint that comes with investment coins “royalty”. Within 2015 – 2016 the mint will issue emission of the so called royalty gold investment and silver coins with the motive “Ritual Masks of World Regions”. This emission will contain 5 different motives where the reverse side will show a motive of a mask of the region and the obverse side will contain the face value of the coin and national emblem of the Republic of Congo with the mintage year. Enhance your collections at the Bratislava Collectors Days in Incheba!