Slovak Opal at the Watches and Jewels

Chilly autumn days will literally be lit up by the Watches and Jewels exhibition that will take place from 10th to 13th November and present precious master pieces from jewellers and watchmakers. This year will offer plenty novelties – one of them being unique samples of Slovak opal that comes from Slovak opal mines. These are the only opal mines in the whole Eurasian continent that hide the most beautiful colours of the world in its dark and cold corridors. Slovak opal mines were open to the public in 2015, and even in the short time since its opening already thousands of visitors admired the treasure hiding in the underground. The Watches and Jewels exhibition will also show video presentation from the mine and from diving in the flooded tunnels that will take you to times when jewels with Slovak opal beautified empresses like Maria Theresa.    

slovenský opál cech zlatníkov hodiny a klenoty