Tlačové stredisko


Press release - ITF Slovakiatour - Hunting and leisure 2019

Press release - Danubius Gastro 2019

Each ticket is in play for attractive prizes


A gastronomic paradise under one roof

The exhibition Fishing and Leisure will open the fishing season

Come to choose your dream holiday!

Christmas Spirit in Incheba

Christmas Handmade Weekends in Incheba

Dear children, come and write a Christmas Letter to Baby Jesus!

Interactive Workshop for Pedagogues. Come and Get Inspired by Maria Montessori!

Playground for children open during the whole Christmas Days

Bratislava will be full of social games.

Magical Incheba: Christmas Market Comes to the Bratislava Exhibition Centre

Press release

The Biggest Hits of Current Slovak Book Season

How to Read to Children

Minerals Bratislava

Book Fair

The Most Popular Dads on the Book Fair

Press release

Furnish Your Home with the Fair of Furniture MODDOM

Autumn in Incheba

Offices in Incheba Tower for rent

Star Wars: A New Hope

Autumn Barber Battle Edition with Rytmus, DJ Grimaso and World Barbers

Esoterika and Biostyl for Your Body, Mind and Soul

Interbeauty Accompanying Programme

Novelties at the Interbeauty Fair

Bratislava Will Flourish with Female Beauty during the Interbeauty Fair

Barber Battle in Incheba

Femininity and beauty - check out Interbeauty

Final Press Release

Final Press Release

Press Release

The Zero Euro Takes Over Slovakia

Numismatics Tweaks and Novelties

Bratislava Collectors Days Are Getting Close

Activities for Children and Attractive Accompanying Programme

Collectors Pieces in Incheba

Awards at the IDEB Exhibition

FESTÍK – The Funniest Kids Festival

Press Release

Dynamic Samples and Hacker Show

Defence Exhibition IDEB Novelties

The Defence Exhibition IDEB Heading to Incheba Again

Final Press Release

Bratislava Motor Show Lucky Winners

Bratislava Motor Show 2018

Incheba to Blossom with Flowers

Press Release

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

Motor Show Exhibition Premieres

Luxury Exclusive Salon

Children Mini Motor Show

Automotive Event of the Year Coming Soon!

From Simple Idea to Perfect Living

Novelties at the Coneco Fair

Professional Programme at the Coneco – Racioenergy Fairs

Unique Accompanying Exhibitions

Planning to Construct? Be Sure to Visit CONECO

The Construction fair Coneco Is Coming

Final Press Release

Customs of Slovakia

Boat Show – Exclusive Showcase of Boats

The Motorcycles and Boat Show - Exhibitions that Have the Drive

The Motorcycles Exhibition Introduces Shiny Machines

Bikers’ Paradise in Incheba

Profesia Days 2018

Interbeauty Final Press Release

Interbeauty Trophy 2018 Results

Offices in Incheba Tower for rent

Planning a Wedding? Do Not Miss the Wedding Fair!

The Child and Family Fair for Every Family Member

Two Days in the Company of Experience Hunters

Support of Slovakia, Inspiration from Abroad

Time to Explore Morava, Silesia, Nitra and Žilina

Moravian-Silesian Region

ITF Slovakiatour – Your Source of Travel Dreams and Inspiration

Danubius Gastro 2018 in the Spirit of Local Products

Christmas Days Offered All Necessary for Beautiful Christmas

Traditional Crafts at the Christmas Days

All for Christmas under One Roof

Christmas Handmade Weekends


Final Press Release

Extraordinary Guests from the North

Literature Jewels in Luxury Library

The Biggest Hits of Current Slovak Book Season

Children´s Paradise and Inspiration for Parents

The Book Fair Will Boost Renaissance of Books and Reading Again

Legendary Mireille Mathieu Returns to Bratislava after a Year

Moddom – the Fair of Timeless and Intelligent Furniture

Timeless Design and Never Ending Bed Comfort

Intelligent, Compact or Luxurious – Everyone Can Choose Their Sofa

More Nature in Interior

Futuristic Lightning or Wallpapers

A Special Transport for Disabled People during the NON-HANDICAP Exhibition

Bratislava Will Flourish with Female Beauty during the Interbeauty Fair

Interbeauty Accompanying Programme

Novelties at the Interbeauty Fair

Slovmedica and Non-Handicap Exhibitions – All for Your Health

Collecting still Going Strong

The Beach Boys to Perform in Incheba

Press News

Czech Post at the Bratislava Collectors Days for the First Time Ever

Precious Pieces at the Bratislava Collectors Days

Children Post Next to Slovak Post Stand and Postal Museum

Feast of Collectors in Incheba

This years´ Motor Show Turned Bratislava into Small Geneva

The Alexandrov Ensemble in Incheba Bratislava

Lucky Winners of the Motor Show 2017

Press Release Motor Show

Great Motor Show Awaits You!

Caravans at the Motor Show

Modern and Efficient Construction with Coneco

Coneco Will Help You Fulfil Your Dreams of Perfect Living

WATER – International Exhibition of Water Use and Protection

Win Great Prizes with Moto Zone

Interbeauty Trophy 2017 Results

Final Press Release

Great NERF Tournament in Incheba!

Shine with the Interbeauty Fair!

Fairs of Travel and Gastronomy Achieved an Extraordinary Success

The Travel Fair Will Boost with Atmosphere of Close and Distant Exotic Destinations

Travel across Gastronomic Experience and Trends

Win Exclusive Prizes!

Partners of the ITF Slovakiatour Fair

Kaufland – the Main Partner of the Danubius Gastro Fair

Wellness and Fitness, Hunting and Leisure



PF 2017

Christmas Handmade Weekends with

Traditional Crafts at the Christmas Days

Christmas Days Are Coming!

HRAtislava at the Christmas Days

The Book Fair Final Press Release – The Most Successful Edition of Book Fair Proved the Ever Present Interest in Books

Watches and Jewels Exhibition Lit Up the Autumn Incheba

The Book Fair even Bigger and Richer Thanks to Unique Events for Young People

Book Fair Both for Kids and Adults

Slovak Opal at the Watches and Jewels

Win Prizes worth €5,000

Watches and Jewels Exhibition with a Unique Slovak Opal

Book Fair Will Host Spievankovo and Majk Spirit

Samuel Bjork at the Book Fair

Junior Craft Days at the Book Fair

The Book Fair for all Book Worms

The Watches and Jewels Exhibition Will Light Up the Autumn Incheba

Book Fair on Current Topics

MODDOM Proved a Huge Interest in Furnishing Interiors – Final Press Release from 16/10/2016

The MODDOM Award

The Most Fashionable Show of Furniture Brings Some Tips for a Healthy Sleep

Novelties at the Moddom Fair

Heavenly Sleep with the MODDOM fair

Is There any Old and Shabby Furniture at Your Place? Turn it into a Chic Designer Piece!

Moddom Will Show Retro and Modern Kitchens

The Fair of Beauty Presented the Newest Beauty Trends

Medical Exhibitions Showed Improvements in Health Care

Interbeauty with Revolutionary Beauty News and Bigger Accompanying Programme

Two New Competitions at the Interbeauty Fair!

Fair of Beauty INTERBEAUTY Attracts People via Cosmetic Novelties

Esoterika and Biostyl Fairs – All for Your Ease

The Medical Exhibition Duo Will Introduce the Newest Medical Devices

Cosmos Discovery World Exhibition Ceremonially Opened on 12th September 2016!

Incheba Hosted European Political Leaders

Accompanying Programme of the fairs Esoterika-Biostyl

World Premiere of Aerospace Exhibition - Cosmos Discovery

Modern Wooden Houses Could be Taller

Bratislava Will Host Collectors from the Whole World

Bratislava Collectors Days Novelties

Accompanying Programme

Coins, Stamps, Weaponry and Jewels at One Place

IDEB Presented Modernization of Defence Systems

Press Release IDEB 2016

Showcase of the Most Modern Military Technology in Incheba

The Defence Exhibition IDEB Heading to Incheba Again

Defence Exhibition IDEB Novelties

The Strongest Motor Show of the Last Decade Is Coming

Exclusive Salon with Exclusive Cars

Bratislava Motor Show Novelties

Amazing Accompanying Programme during the Motor Show

CONECO Final Press Release

New, Modern and of High Quality – Every Housing According to the Newest Trends with Coneco

Wooden Houses and Passive Houses for Modern and Economical Living

The Coneco – Racioenergy Fairs´ Novelties

Bratislava Motor Show Is Just a Step Away

Build and Renovate with Coneco Effectively

The Motorcycles Accompanying Programme

Boat Show Novelties

The Rocková republika Radio at the Motorcycles Exhibition

Boat Show Full of Ships of All Kinds

The Motorcycles Exhibition Novelties

Exclusive Motorbike Show in Incheba

Interbeauty with Loads of Cosmetic Novelties

Interbeauty Fair Novelties

The Child and Family Fair – Everything for the Best Care of the Little Ones

So Much Fun at the Child and Family Fair

Wedding Fair for Your Big Day

Fairs of Travel and Gastronomy Achieved Extraordinary Success

ITF Slovakiatour with a Plenty of Travel Inspiration

Moravian – Silesian Region – the Partner Region of the Travel Fair

Prestigious Feast of Gastronomy at the Danubius Gastro Fair

Kaufland – the Main Partner of the Danubius Gastro

Musical Phantom of London is canceled

Journey around the World with the ITF Slovakiatour Fair

Prestigious Gastronomy Celebration at the Danubius Gastro Fair

Danubius Gastro Fair Novelties

Hunting and Leisure, Wellness and Fitness

PF 2016

Untraditional combination of music and dance - IMT SMILE and LÚČNICA

Christmas Handmade Weekend with

Christmas Days in Incheba with Amazing Offer

Your Own Personal Shopping Consultant at the Christmas Days

Every Day a Fun Zone for Children at the Christmas Days

Experience a Real Hip Hop Christmas

Come to HRAtislava

Vivaldianno returns

Book Fair Novelties

Accompanying Programme of the Book Fair

Minerals in Incheba

Book Fair with Novelties and perfect Accompanying Programme

Cilla and Rolf Börjlind - Stars of the Book Fair

Shine of precious metals at the exhibition Watches and Jewellery

International Training Firms Fair in Incheba

Book Fair will bring books hits of the fall

Come and Win on the furniture fair Moddom

The most comprehensive fall furniture showcase with icons of Czechoslovakian design

20th Moddomu excels with rich offer

Retro furniture on the Fair Moddom

Moddom Novelties

INTERBEAUTY fair beautified and strengthened women

The Godfather in Incheba

"Women in the City" on Interbeauty

Esoterika and Biostyl – Healthy Lifestyle and Well-Being

Repair of roads to stop Einsteinova

Accompanying Programme of the Slovak Dental Days

The registration of exhibitors is moved

Slovmedica and Non-Handicap for Your Health

Interbeauty Novelties

Everything for Beautiful Teeth

Be Beautiful With Interbeauty

Rich Autumn in Incheba

Uncover the Fate of the Titanic

Collecting Still in Demand

Have Fun at the Collectors Fair

Bratislava Collectors Days for Children

Bratislava Collectors Days Curiosities

Slovak Post at the Bratislava Collectors Days

Complement Your Collections at the Bratislava Collectors Days

Meeting of Collectors in Incheba

Antoinette – The Queen of France in Incheba

The Motor Show Confirmed its Leadership in Central Europe

Winner of the BMW 3 Series

Online from Motor Show

Autosalon with New Brands

Motor Show with Hot Premieres

The Most Complex Showcase of Automobiles in the Central Europe

The Motor Show with Traffic News

Exclusive Salon with Luxury Cars

Test Rides and Crash Test at the Motor Show

The Motor Show Just a Step Away

Awards at the Coneco and Racioenergy Fairs

Opening of the Fairs in the Presence of Government Representatives

Innovative Materials and Progressive Procedures at Coneco

Wooden Houses at the Coneco

Coneco/Racioenergy Fairs Novelties

New Section at the Coneco Fair

What Is Waiting for You at the Coneco Fair?

Motorcycles and boats attracted more than 55 thousand visitors

Winners of the Motorcycle of the Year Poll

Weekend Invitation

Successful Start of the Motorcycles

Boat Show Kicked Off With Success

Exclusive Showcase of Motorcycles, Boats and the Globe of Death

Exhibition of Boats and Accessories

Boat Show Novelties

Motorcycles Exhibition Novelties

Globe of Death and Adrenaline Stunts at the Motorcycles Exhibition

Bikers Paradise in Incheba

Fantastic Programme Attracted Thousands of Children

Valentine Weekend in the Spirit of Beauty and Love

Find a Job at Profesia Days

Incheba Entertained Both Parents and Children

The Best Programme for Parents and Kids in Incheba

Feast of Love and Beauty in Incheba

Child and Family Fair Novelties

Valentine Make Up

The Child and Family Fair with Amazing Programme for Children

Inspiration for Your Big Day

Come to See the Beauty in Incheba

Everything for Childcare in Incheba

The Travel and Gastronomy Fairs Confirmed Their Stable Position

Lucky Winner of the Trip to Sri Lanka

The Mark of Quality SK at Danubius Gastro

Win a Vacation in Sri Lanka

ITF Slovakiatour Full of Hockey Atmosphere

A Journey Full of Gastronomic Experience

Everything for Hunters, Relax and Healthy Life

ITF Slovakiatour Novelties

Danubius Gastro Fair Novelties

Kaufland – the Partner of Danubius Gastro Fair

Hockey Fever at ITF Slovakiatour

The Moravian-Silesian Region - partner of the ITF SLOVAKIATOUR

Travelling and Gastronomy Open the 2015 Season in Incheba

Experience the Age of Egyptian Pharaohs

What Were the Christmas Days Like?

PF 2015

Adventure with Dinosaurs in Incheba

Unique Exhibition of Bethlehem Nativity Scenes in Incheba

Christmas Days with the best programme

Bake Your Own Gingerbread at Christmas Days

Christmas Days - Generous and Joyful Christmas Markets in Incheba

Christmas Days with Gizka Oňová

Untraditional combination of music and dance - IMT SMILE and LÚČNICA

Children Christmas Paradise

Come to HRAtislava

Moscow City Ballet


Christmas Days Rich in Presents

The Book Fair with a Record Attendance of More than 40,000 Visitors


Watches and Jewels Introduced Luxury Valuables

Book Fair Winners

The original Czech musical CLEOPATRA

Win Attractive Prizes at the Book Fair

Erik Axl Sund at Book Fair

Beauty and Elegance under One Roof

Novelties on the Book fair

Watches Bargain in Incheba

Tanzanite Jewellery at Watches and Jewels

Traffic Restrictions during the Book Fair

Have Fun at the Book Fair

Erik Axl Sund at Book Fair


The Book Fair – Fall for Books

The MODDOM Prize 2014

MODDOM Visited by the President

Ticket with a 20% Discount

MODDOM with Discounts Up To 30%!

Win Prizes worth Thousands of Euro


MODDOM Fair to Showcase Wooden Bathtub and President’s Chandelier

SLOVMEDICA and NON-HANDICAP Exhibition Novelties

MODDOM for Beautiful Interior


Get a Ticket With 20% Discount

Revolutionary Cosmetic Novelties and Live Transformations

ESOTERIKA and BIOSTYL for Your Comfort

Interbeauty Novelties

Esoterika and Biostyl Fair Novelties

Be Beautiful With Interbeauty

Slovak Dental Days Contributed to Awareness of Healthy Teeth

Get a Brand New Look

Healthy Teeth Require Proper Care

Slovak Dental Days for Your Beautiful Smile

Oral Health Day for Children

What Awaits Us This Summer?

Collectors Fair Broke Attendance Record

IDEB Strengthened Cooperation within the Visegrad Group

Unique collectibles and new stamps

The Bratislava Collectors Days to Present Minerals

Come and Create Your Own Post Stamp

Deutsche Post on Bratislava Collectors Days

Rare Coins in Incheba

Bratislava Collectors Days

IDEB Welcomed Defence Ministers

Incheba – Partner of Winners

Grand Prix IDEB 2014 Awards

Press News IDEB

IDEB Exhibition Novelties

Take Your Family to IDEB

IDEB with Athletes

IDEB on Cyber Security

Exhibition of Defence Engineering IDEB

The Thai Festival Is Over

Incheba Received the Superbrands Award

Incheba Will be Flooded with Flowers

What Will Thai Festival Offer

Win Free Tickets to Thailand!

Enjoy Thailnad and all its flavours in Incheba

Winner of the Citroën C4 PICASSO

This year’s Motor Show ended in great success

Motor Show in Full Motion since Tuesday

Free lift home with WOLKSWAGEN UP model on MOTOR SHOW

RTVS Transport Editors at MOTOR SHOW

Win a New Car!

Accompanying Programme of MOTOR SHOW

MOTOR SHOW 2014 Novelties

Motor Show in the Spirit of Exclusive Premieres and Safe Driving

Exclusive Salon for Luxury Lovers

The most important car event of the year MOTOR SHOW

Premieres, Veterans, Tuning

CONECO and RACIOENERGY Brought New Trends in Energy Efficiency

Award Winning Exhibits of CONECO/RACIOENERGY 2014

Meeting of Leaders in Slovak Construction 2014

Coneco in Full Motion

Coneco Novelties

Coneco Professional Accompanying Programme

CONECO Will Introduce New Trends in Construction

Meeting of Leaders in Slovak Construction 2014

Coneco in Spirit of Modern and Economic Construction

Motorcycles and Boats Caused Great Interest

Lovers of Powerful Machines and Nature Will Meet in Incheba

Come and Try Real Fishing

MOTORCYCLES Exhibition Brings Both Adrenaline and Safe Driving

Even Old Motorcycle Can Conquer the World!

Exhibition Novelties

Novelties of Motorcycles

Novelties of Boat Show

The Incheba Halls Will be Occupied by Powerful Machines

Boat Show for Lovers of Boats and Water

Feast for Fishermen and Hunters

Music Experience in Incheba

Incheba Was Lighten Up by Beauties and Brides

Incheba Experienced a Family Atmosphere

Beauty, Wedding and Family in Incheba

Accompanying Programme of Child and Family

Have a Rest in the Hamánek Relax Zone

Accompanying Programme of Interbeauty

Beauty and Spring Trends in Incheba

Get Inspired for Wedding Preparations

Child and Family Fair Will Delight More than Moms

Fairs of Travel and Gastronomy Reap Success

The Lucky Winner of Cuba Holiday

Moravian-Silesian Region – the Partner of the Fair

Accompanying Programme of ITF SLOVAKIATOUR

Accompanying Programme of DANUBIUS GASTRO

Moravian-Silesian Region – the Partner of the Fair

Gastronomy Fair Novelties

Hunting and Leisure in the Spirit of Luring

Healthy Lifestyle in Incheba

ITF SLOVAKIATOUR Will Introduce Both National and Exotic Destinations

DANUBIUS GASTRO Will Delight Professionals and Gourmets

The Moravian-Silesian Region Is Looking For its ŠMAKŠÉF

Traveling and Gastronomy Will Open the 2014 Fair Season in Incheba

Christmas Days in Incheba Are Over

PF 2014


Christmas Days in Full Motion

Weekend Full of Games in Incheba

The St. Nicholas Has Visited Christmas Days

Grant for Czech Subjects on CONECO 2014

Weekends Filled with Fun during Christmas Days

Thousand of Social Games at Once

Winter Rural Pig Slaughter in Town

Christmas Getting Closer...

Colorful Program for Children

Win a Trip to New York with Monopoly!

The Autumn Reading Room

Reading with Children

For all bookworms

Watches, Jewels and Gems Will Light Up Incheba

The Book Fair Once Again to Delight All Readers

MODDOM Has Shown New Trends in Housing

Prizes Worth 10 000 € Being Handed Out!

Bratislava Jazz Days 2013

Accompanying Programme of Moddom

Incheba – the Center of Beauty, Health and Mysticism

The Accompanying Programme

Accompanying programme Esoterika and Biostyl

Press release of health exhibitions

Novelties of Slovmedica and Non-Handicap exhibitions

Don't neglect your childrens teeth

Exhibition´s news

The Oral Health Experts from the Whole Slovakia Will Meet in Incheba

Health first

September Is Going to Be Rich in Music Delicacies

Event Full of Excitement and Innovation

Medical Exhibitions

Winner of Interbeauty was successful also abroad

GLOBSEC and IDEB entered into a strategic partnership

Successful cooperation with Inter

Collectors Once Again in Incheba

Nissan choosed Incheba

How was Bratislava Collectors Days

Information about flood situation

Collectors from 19 countries will come to Bratislava

Final Report 28. 4. 2013

Spring in the jazz time

Prestigious wine competition for the first time in Bratislava!

Incheba Bratislava Is Going to Be the Centre of Winery

Awards: The best of Motor Show

Winner of Citroën C-Elysée

Motor Show, 23. - 28. 4. 2013

Delicatessen of Bratislava Motor Show

Online Motor Show

Acompayining program

Info for visitors

List of exhibition premiere

CONECO will come back in march 2014 again

Press release of Coneco 2013

Coneco/Racioenergia, 9. – 13. 4. 2013

More about Coneco acompanying program

Acompanying program of Coneco

The most beautiful moments of exhibitions

Motocykel, 14. – 17. 3. 2013

Accompanying program of Motorcycles

Boat Show and Fishing, 14. – 17. 3. 2013

Motocykel, 14. – 17. 3. 2013

Incheba in sport world

National Career Days

Profesia days 2013

Your beauty will bloom with Interbeauty

Child and family

Everything for perfect wedding day

Littlest Pet Shop Show and Boys Show

Accompaying programs

Would you like to win a family holiday?

Final report of ITF Slovakiatour and Danubius Gastro fairs

Your beauty will bloom with Interbeauty

Everything for perfect wedding day

Child and family

Show for dads during Child and family fair

Final press realise of ITF Slovakiatour and Danubius Gastro fairs

Travel across Slovakia with ITF SLOVAKIATOUR

Žilina self-governing region - partner of ITF SLOVAKIATOUR

Danubius Gastro – the largest gastronomy fair in Slovakia

Accompaying programs

Would you like to win a membership in the Pegas Fitness&Coffee for one year?

ITF Slovakiatour and Danubius Gastro in 2012

Enjoy the Exquisite Tastes at the Danubius Gastro Fair

PF 2013

Would you like to win 500€?

The Christmas Days already started

Time for shopping Christmas gifts are coming

How was looking Christmas paradise in 2011?

Incheba supports charity projects

HRAtislava, 8. - 9. 12. 2012

Visit Christmas paradise with your children

Press release of Biblioteka


Final Press Release of Biblioteka

Biblioteka will award the best female author

Final Press Release Watches and jewels

Watches and jewels

New specialized fair LABOR-TESTEXPO

Science and Technology Week

Watches and jewels

The Spirit of Literature Will Dominate the Exhibition Hall

How did this year fair Moddom look?

Bratislava Jazz Days

Awards "Cena Moddom 2012"

Furniture and accessories according to your taste

Refresh your living

Friends of Art and Design Watch!

Final report

Philippine healers are coming to the Esoterika fair

The Cranberries

Final Report

At the end of September the accent in Incheba will be brought to health services

Accompanying program

We dedicate Oral Health Day to children

LMFAO, 14. 8. 2012

Summer Club Incheba is open

Collectors hobby survives – it still has fans across Slovakia


Bratislava Collectors Days, 1. – 2. 6. 2012

Alexandrovci, 2. 6. 2012

Deti Ráje

International Defence Technologies fair IDEB closed its 4th year

Jarné Bratislavské Jazzové Dni

Springduodanube, 12. – 13. 5. 2012

Judas Priest, 9. 5. 2012

IDEB, 2. - 4. 5. 2012

Accompanying program

Motorshow, 17. - 22. 4.

Opening Ceremony of Fair IDEB

Miss Slovensko 2012

Motor Show began on Tuesday, presenting a record-high number of premieres

Exclusive salon, 17. - 22. 4.

Accompanying program of Motor show

Watch the Carshow online

Motor Show begins on Tuesday, presenting a record-high number of premieres

Participate in the contest with Autosalon car show

Dj Paul Kalkbrenner, 7. 4. 2012

Construction season has succesfully started

Prize Awords

Coneco 27. – 31. 3. 2012

Video from fair CONECO

Press release, 23. 3. 2012

Coneco, 27. – 31. 3. 2012

Experience the taste of adrenaline, 15. – 18. 3. 2012

Boat Show, 15. – 18. 3. 2012

Motorcycles, 15. - 18. 3. 2012

Lara Fabian, 13. 3. 2012

National Career Days, 8. - 9. 3. 2012

One, two, three, you win bicycle

Slávik 2011, 26. 2. 2012

Profesia days, HR days, 15. – 16. 2. 2012

Final Press Release

Spring Interbeauty cares about health

Yamato, 12. 2. 2012

Duran Duran, 1. 2. 2012

Interbeauty and Wedding fair, 3. - 4. 2. 2012

The fairs ITF Slovakiatour and Danubius Gastro were seen by 72 764 happy visitors

Travel fever spread over Incheba from Thursday

Gastronomic elite will gather in Incheba

The partner of the travel fair is the self-governing region Prešov

Danubius Gastro – culinarian and drink specialities from the whole world