Build and Renovate with Coneco Effectively

If you are about to start building a house or planning a reconstruction that will turn your house or flat into your dream home, it is always convenient to follow the good old “Measure twice, cut once”. The construction fairs Coneco and Racioenergy in Incheba Bratislava – taking place from 6th to 9th April – offer you a great opportunity to get everything prepared in advance before the very start of any building activity. Under one roof there is so much to find – not only a complete range of construction and furnishing materials and objects (windows, doors, roofs, floors, sanitary, lightings, air conditioning, electrical installations, sauna, whirlpools, garage doors, garden equipment) but also lots of professionals you can discuss with and get advice on appropriate procedures to avoid unpleasant surprises. The construction fairs will serve you also as a perfect place to take stock of all possibilities available on the market and to learn about new trends in construction technologies and methods. Hi-tech enthusiasts will surely be thrilled about the offer of intelligent electrical installations that enable the owner to operate the shutters, heating or air conditioning through smartphone or to open the front doors by a simple finger touch. The selection of the newest trends, revolutionary materials and innovative procedures as well as topics centred on progressive and renewable energy source, passive and low-energy houses and revitalization of buildings at the Racioenergy fair will delight every visitor.

The specialized exhibition Water will surely get your attention as well – representing solutions aimed at sustainable development, flood control or support within the water management area.   

The section dedicated to wooden houses will not be missing either. Modern wooden houses – besides offering a healthy and eco living – also bring a huge advantage in form of significant energy savings. Thanks to a wooden house built right in the hall you can get inspired and consider all the pros and cons of such buildings. Do not miss the fairs of construction and effective energy use Coneco and Racioenergy from 6th to 9th April in Incheba Bratislava!