Danubius Gastro – the largest gastronomy fair in Slovakia

Danubius Gastro – the largest gastronomy fair in Slovakia

Number of exhibitors: 329
Exhibition space:
17,000 m²
Participating countries
: 12
Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey
A0, A1, A2, D, D1, D2

Danubius Gastro, the fair teeming with aromas, tastes and gourmet experiences, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Throughout its history, it has become a well-known brand as well as the most important gastronomy event in Slovakia. Taking place from 24 to 27 January, it will present a vast range of quality foodstuffs, ingredients, types of wine and coffee substitutes, and a remarkable range of professional equipment and technology, furniture and supplies for cafe shops, restaurants and hotels. People working in these fields will get a complex overview of the novelties at the market. Competitions and accompanying events are to be held once again, since they have become an essential part of the fair.  

In spite of the recent economic situation, which has been a challenge for all of us, the organizing partners have managed to held a fair which, considering all of its attributes, is even bigger and better than the last year’s one. The visitors can get acquainted with 329 displays from 12 countries on the exhibition space of 17,000 m2. As usual, the second place in the number of exhibiting companies goes to the Czech Republic, while the first place is occupied by domestic exhibiting companies. Austria is occupying the third place, exhibiting its national delicacies not only in a common display with other countries, but also by means of individual presentations. The most significant exhibited item is wine – the wine that is of foreign as well as domestic origin. The visitors will surely find the great variety of foodstuffs including the ones of competitive Slovak quality quite interesting.

Accompanying events

The fair of gastronomy has become the right atmosphere because of the number of accompanying events. The oldest one is the exhibition named “Poetry in Gastronomy” and even though it’s going to take place for the 14th time now, it’s always managed to present some creative pieces of art made from edible ingredients.Two cooking contests are taking place this year: one of them is Danubius Gastro Cup 2013 in which cooks and confectioners will compete in the junior and senior categories. The other contest is a new one, Metro kuchársky päťboj (Metro Pentathlon of Cooks), which provides for a passionate struggle between students of gastronomy schools and vocational schools. The goal of the contest is to succeed in all the five disciplines most precisely while scoring the best time. The disciplines are as follows: chopping onions and leek, cutting potatoes, boning a refrigerated chicken, and filleting a trout. The contestants can also compete in a team category. 30 portions off the menu with the theme “Slovak cuisine and dishes” will be prepared.  

An interesting program has been prepared for the visitors of the D1 hall. The company Zeleninári is about to present various exotic kinds of fruit and vegetables, and the visitors will be given a chance to taste them as they will be part of meals that’ll be cooked right at the spot. There will be also a presentation of typical products off the Slovak market bearing the name “Let’s eat! Let’s drink! Let’s have some fun like true Slovaks do!” The feast will be complemented by musical and dancing performances of Dominika Mirgová, Anita Soul, the band Kmeťoband, and Lady Mel and Johnny Perfecto’s dance school - Hip Hop Fakulta. The greatest highlight of the program will surely be the fashion show displaying clothes made of fruit and vegetables, drawing inspiration from the Slovak folklore. 

The seventh international competition for the Best Roll of Bratislava will be enriched by the exhibition of products of Slovak bakeries and the visitors will be also given the opportunity to buy them. New categories have been added to the competition: the best bread baked in an industrial bakery, traditional bakery, and the best bread according to the evaluation of the public. The visitors will have the chance to take part in the course on how to bake the Bratislava rolls.

There will be a competition for bartenders too. The St. Nicolaus Cup competition will assess the skills of junior as well as senior bartenders while preparing long drinks. St. Nicolaus Free Style is a flair competition for professionals. Backed up by lively loud music, the bartenders will demonstrate skills that’ll please the eyes of the visitors.           

In recent years, the opportunity to experience the specialties of our regions which are offered in family guesthouses and at farms has become more and more popular. People producing these organic delicacies avoid distributing them through chain stores. The producers ensure the distribution of traditional foodstuffs by means of their own channels; that’s how the high value of the food can be preserved. The Danubius Gastro fair provides place for discussion with those who became engaged in food production because of their previous connection to agricultural production.

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