Enjoy the Exquisite Tastes at the Danubius Gastro Fair

From 24th to 27th January 2013, the 20th year of Danubius Gastro fair is going to take place, presenting products and services of gastronomy, food and hoteliers. This event is one of the most important of its kind in Slovakia and amongst Central Europe region. The jubilee year will bring many accompanying programs – some of them with more than 10 years old tradition, some of them being brand new to the fair.

Amongst the traditional ones that have to be mentioned is the 14th annual exhibition of food and confectionary products called Gastronomy Poetry, 11th annual of ST. NICOLAUS CUP 2013, 7th annual of the international competition Bratislavský rožok (Bratislava Roll) or various barista competitions.

Amid the novelties we are going to see the METRO Chef Pentathlon, METRO Top Gastro Team, competition of students from 2nd to 4th grade from professional culinary schools and the Slovak Farm Food Forum – Tradition, Quality and Development of Regions. The last mentioned program will bring up discussions with those whose agricultural production has led them to food production. They lure the customers via traditional taste, quality and regional origin, while avoiding food scandals and, for now, resisting the placement of their products in the retail chains. The traditional products are offered to public in their own groceries or guest houses.

The Baking Exhibition in hall D2 also belongs into novelties. For the first time the suppliers of bakery ingredients and technologies as well as the bakeries itself will present themselves to the public. Besides the professional bakery competitions, the visitors will be given chance to try to bake the actual Bratislava roll and taste and evaluate the products from various bakeries.