Hunting and Leisure, Wellness and Fitness

The ITF SLOVAKIATOUR taking place from 28th to 31st January 2016 will be traditionally accompanied by the Hunting and Leisure and Wellness and Fitness exhibitions. The first one mentioned, Hunting and Leisure, will show traditions in hunting and falconry or samples of luring. Are you a professional hunter or just consider hunting your hobby? In both cases you will surely enjoy yourself here – the exhibition will exceed at the huge offer of hunting clothes and shoes, practical aids and equipment for spending your free time in nature. The Day of Slovak – Czech Hunting will take place during the current exhibition.

Another from the accompanying exhibitions, Wellness and Fitness, brings the biggest selection of machines and equipment for exercising, wide range of food supplements for beauty and health and many more attractive fitness exhibitions. Workout samples will be taken care of by women fitness centres. Follow our website and learn more soon! We are looking forward to seeing you.