Tanzanite Jewellery at Watches and Jewels

The international Watches and Jewels exhibition will bring true rarities, with the exquisite tanzanite jewellery surely being one of them. This precious blue gem stone was named after Tanzania – the land of its´ original discovery in 1967. Interesting thing about this precious gem stone is that it has not been found in any other part of the whole world. The VMV Platinum company will show a 3D Goldsmith. What exactly is 3D Goldsmith? Using special jewellery software you can design the jewel of your dreams. Jewellers will then manufacture it for you exactly following your design with use of the most modern production processes. You can get inspired by jewels manufactured by the original email layer burning technique. Besides that we will learn about winners of the Slovak Jewellery Biennale 2014, Student Jewel 2014 and Golden Ducat of the Guilt of Goldsmith and Jewellers Slovakia 2014 competitions.