Is There any Old and Shabby Furniture at Your Place? Turn it into a Chic Designer Piece!

Each of us has surely stumbled upon old, useless piece of furniture that was inappropriate due to its functionality or design. You might have such furniture at home or cottage and it feels just not fine to throw it out – now you do not have to! It only takes some simple steps and adjustments and the old shabby furniture can turn into designer piece that will make your home unrecognizable!   

Would you like to venture into renovation but you have no idea how to do it? Visit the fair of furniture MODDOM in Incheba Bratislava and let skilled professionals advice you. Every day during the course of the fair from 12th to 16th October these professionals will also show how to turn old furniture into chic designer pieces following the newest trends. Besides that every visitor can get inspired by furniture that has already been through this remarkable remake. Detailed schedule can be found here:

Renovation Samples Schedule –

Wednesday 12/10 at 16:00 

Old frame turned into new messages chart! Painting, patina and fitting the chart into frame

Thursday 13/10 at 16:00

Change of a cheap plastic lamp into chic lamp in industrial style

Friday 14/10 at 12:00

Original commode in no time! Painting, waxing, patina and decorating using a template

Saturday 15/10 at 12:00

New kitchen unit quickly and easily! Sample of a procedure on old kitchen doors from first paint to the final fix of the colour.

Sunday 16/10 at 12:00

Renovation of an old armchair. New fresh paint right on the upholstery.

na vidieku moddom 2016 na vidieku moddom 2016
before after
na vidieku moddom 2016 na vidieku moddom 2016
na vidieku moddom 2016 na vidieku moddom 2016

More inspirations you can find on the website