At the end of September the accent in Incheba will be brought to health services

From 27th to 29th of September, Incheba Expo Bratislava is going to host a trio of international fairs aimed at health services: Slovak Dental Days, Slovmedica and Non-Handicap. Following a purpose of continually gaining new knowledge and providing the best health care possible, the fair merges professionals that work in various areas of health services. They come for know-how exchange, accompanying programs and news. The health fairs will also bring a brand new thing for the wide public – a House of Health, for the first time opening its gates for people who care about their health condition and are willing to undertake various medicals under one roof and for free. 

Slovak Dental Days are a meeting point for dentists, nurses, dental laboratory technicians and dental hygienists but are also very attractive for wide public that cares about the dental health. New technologies in the field of dental care and dental hygiene will be shown. Possessing a healthy set of teeth is no longer a matter of course. Wrong eating habits and lifestyle are the most common causes of bad teeth amongst the young people, where it is almost impossible to find someone with no experience with a dentist. Keeping healthy teeth often means undergoing an unpleasant pain and spending a lot of money on it. Thus the “World Day of Oral Health” was integrated into the accompanying programme, during which the students of dental care will give instructions on right teeth cleaning and spreading the idea of prevention and enlightenment.

Slovmedica and Non-Handicap fairs will inform the wide public on the newest hospital equipment, various gadgets and instruments for treatment of patients that lower the pain or lighten the convalescence of the patient. Disabled people will encounter various tools of daily need. The professional fairs are essentially succeeded by an accompanying programme aimed at sharing of new knowledge that can improve the treatment methods and techniques in the health centers.

Incheba will be green with health from 27th to 29th of September.