Intelligent, Compact or Luxurious – Everyone Can Choose Their Sofa

Sofas of today are no longer bought only according to style or taste. Moddom will introduce intelligent pieces that seek their owners according to personal preferences or lifestyle. For instance, you can try a sofa that enables you to set a relaxing positioning with an application in you smartphone (K.L. design). Music lovers will enjoy themselves with leather sofa with built-in speakers, subwoofer and MP3 player (R2Design). Sofa producers and designers also keep in mind the classics and ceaseless desire for economical solutions in small places. Phase will bring to Moddom stylish folding sofas with TOP mechanism on European market and besides comfortable seating they also bring a really healthy sleep. Exclusive leather sofa set Zuma from world known designer Giuseppe Nicoletti combines elegance and comfort and with interior accessories MSJ your household will gain a true sense of luxury. The SIRA (JECH CZ) sofa is a perfect combination of traditional craft work of Czech furniture manufacturer and modern technologies. Bratislava furniture fair will be enriched by Italian top sofa manufacturer (HOLLEX); a collection of luxury brand Flexform from architect Antonio Citterio will also be presented at the fair – the collection contains also small armchairs, conference tables and accessories. Brands like Polrona, Frau or Minotti – iconic within the furniture world – that are characterized by timeless elegance, combining traditions, craft skills and high quality technologies deservedly adorn lofts of well know hotels in world metropolis - will be present at the fair as well; Moddom will be really full of precious brands to choose from.