Incheba supports charity projects

The pre-Christmas time is also a time to stop and think about those less luckier who can not afford to spend Christmas in abundance and joy. The Incheba Bratislava helps people in need. This year, we have become partners for 2 charity projects that use the form of live broadcast to raise money for ill, poor or abandoned children: Úsmev ako dar (Smile Is a Gift) and Srdce pre deti (Heart for Children). Premises and services associated with the preparing of the events are granted for free. If you too want to help, do not hesitate and join us.

Úsmev ako dar (Smile Is a Gift)

Incheba is a general partner of the already 30th year of Christmas benefit concert Úsmev ako dar that has been drawing attention to the serious issue of children without parents for years, while offering systematic solutions of help as well. More than 900 children from the orphanages of the whole Slovakia attend this concert every year, together with well known artists, actors, singers and moderators from Slovakia and Czech Republic who entertain both kids and audiences.

Srdce pre deti (Heart for Children)

Srdce pre deti is a charity event organized in cooperation with TV JOJ and Ringier publishing house. The charity project offers a helping hand not only to individuals, but also to hospitals and NGOs that try to improve the life of those little ones that were not treated well by the life itself.

Charity program Srdce pre deti, under the patronage of Nový Čas newspaper, was broadcasted last year by TV JOJ and showed that Slovaks have their hearts in the right place. Spectators and readers sent together an amount of 152 129 donor text messages worth € 760 645. Every cent from the SMS was donated to help the children. Organizers believe in repeating of the last year’s success during this year’s live broadcast.